Channel 4 animation issues

I am attempting to finish off the workhowever are currently running into many issues.


I have pretty much finished the actul animation however m computer crashed and now i am unable to open the animation the file just wont work it has been like this for 2 days now and i am attempting to resolve the issue. It also wont let me open the premire pro file either as the file is linked to the after effects file. I am in university tommorrow and will see if it opens on the uni computer otherwise i am unsure on how i will resolve this issue.


I have however (before the crash) added in a lot more sound and made the levels correct i belive the piece as it stands looks very good just need to finish the 4 mature scene and add in background + a small voice over in which i will have to voice over due to being unable tog et anyone else to do so.


sketch book work

This is a post with my sketch book i used this mainly to brain storm ideas also to draw out a storyboard before production started. Wecan see the delopment of verious ideas that i followed.

I started out by drawing verious ideas and the original channel 4 logo including a breakdown of the “blocks” logo these where to hold as inspriation i also named verious ideas for channel names. I then set about trying to create a “4mature” logo one that whould represent the audience it was aimed at i did this by drawing out verious 4’s in different ways including blocks, squares simple lines etc. I also drew out a E4 and 4 Music logo’s weith arms as the first idea for my animation required them to have arms i wanted t see if i would be able to draw them correctly it worked however i did away with the ideas of them having arms. there is also work of a font i drew out plus 4 mature logo’s this was all just a part of the process i also did work on photoshop to follow this up.

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The Video i am producing for my entry requires multiple images with some that need editing i also have to produce a Logo for the new channel this post is a slide show of multiple images that i will be using edited and unedited.

Most of the images are channel 4 logo’s however images such as the blackboard and the paper ball are stock images the writing was drawn on using a tablet.  The image of 4music with headphones was an edit i did in photoshop the idea is that 4music is constantly listening to music. My logo design is below:


This logo is the first drawing however it is very simple and follows the theme i wold like portray simple sophisticated and east to understand. The problem i had was that i could not find a typeface that i actually liked so in the end i wanted to write it out by hand using the tablet unfortunately i do not have the best handwriting on paper never mind onto a computer however the kind  of flowing style i would try to do the type again but get someone who could draw in a more creative way.


Stages of proccess for making the piece

I have to decided to create as i go along renders of the video at different stages to show the growth of the piece and how i came to change certain parts i have done this quite late though the basic animations are in place after hours of finely tunning and losing all my work once due to an amateur mistake. As the days go past i will update this with new links to further on versions of this piece.

first render test (watch in full HD to get an idea of image quality):

This video is simple a render test get the setting right for the piece as well as seeing the setting quality. This render worked well it was suggested to me by the Motion Graphics teacher Simon i will use this for my final piece as well. All in all i was happy with this the images did not look pixely the animation works however obviously there is audio work to be done as well as adding in the set which will focus around the current set. the piece gives you and idea what to expect however the sound will make a great difference to the piece i will also extend certain scenes within final cut.

2nd render with some extra sound plus channel 4 logo

this video just added some sounds they work well and looks great getting there just need to do the rest of them.

Initial Research

I have now begun the research into the brief i plan to fulfill.

To start of my research i thought it was best to start with D&DA as they have the breif aswell as a 10 min video from 4 creative that exsplains more what they are after. this video can be found here:

I have found this video extremely helpful in giving me a heads up on where to look for research and how to approach this task in a professional and logical way.

Following on from this video i have decided to start my research into what 4 creative have previously done for channel 4 and other companies. I started with the 4creative website which is impressive its self opening with a flash animation of a hand drawn channel 4 logo bnut half missing. On the website i was able to find all the video libary in which many of the more 4 and E4 adverts where on found here:

These videos have all gien me an idea on how 4 creative approach adverts they are especialy different from the normal advertising companies creative unique and elegent ways of promoting. I was especialy impressed by an advet on that page called disarm britten a campaign to stop gun crime in the UK.

I have now also visited TV ARK a website dedicated to logging all TV idents and promo’s used on TVall of channel 4 idents and promo can be found here: I previously userd this website to research channel 4 for my college. I have began to look though these videos to see how more 4 and E4 was both launched this will give me an idea on how i can usee channel 4 conventions whilst still being unique and challenging in the chanlle 4 fashion.

This particular video: has given m,e the idea of using all the channel 4 channel logos to create a little character for each one in a short animation piece however this idea is to be developed later on.

I have gotten a libary of the current channel 4 channel logo’s simple for research however if i plan to use logo’s in my piece i will have to follow up to get ahold of bigger version and the right to use these images in my piece. (see pics below)

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unit 2 brief and thoughts

The breif for unit two could pose a very interesting challenges to us and push us to work to a profesional standard using a profesional brief.

The brief is to complete one of the D and DA briefs for this year there are many to choose from including video productions animation production to poster’s and magazine covers.

The brief that has caught my eye however is the channel 4 brief. Channel 4 i belive to be a great channel with new and exspressive ideas in a way that the BBC and ITV wouldnt even attempt they aim to be groundbreaking and contravershall. I have also allready had exsperience with research on them as in college i did a project in which i created a E4 ident that captured the E4 spirit. The channel is completly different from what the current channel 4 breif is asking.

The Brief:
Channel 4 require a video submission that advertises a new channel for channel 4 however this channel is aimed at the 60+ demographic so needs to be maturer but keeping the channel 4 cheecky nature. This video should represent the channels tone, audience and content but not be to patronising.

Things to do:
step 1. Research build a solid knowledge of the Channel 4 brand including all of its channels aswell as research the breif on the D and DA website

step 2. Logo the new channel will need a logo using research on the other logos it should be in keeping with the theme of the new channel aswell as the channel 4 brand

step 3. exsperiment with ideas get an idea of what will and what wont work

step 4. evaluate which ideas are worth taking further

this is a rough guide on how i will approach this task however if an idea hits earlier i shall follow it up and see where it leads.

Developing creative practice

We now have been given the brief we must pitch for one of the briefs that we created. I have chosen to work on my own as due to having a child my schedule does not fit with most so in order to not let my fellow students down I will pitch on my own. I have chosen the brief we wrote as whilst writing it I already had many ideas all of which I believe are professional and possible. As part of research I took the photos of horizons that we used for the brief and photoshoped my idea’s onto the walls for a visual representation of what I would like. I also started writing out my pitch in illustrator to create a dynamic and unique pitch that would keep people entertained and help them buy into my pitch. I will also speak to Alan about the possibility of using student work on walls in Horizons and find out who to talk to about arranging redecoration.