Level up Tut’s

I have completed the first 3 Level Up tut’s of Javascript These are very basic and was a good refresher of what Dean taught us.


The images below mark the progress of the tutorials from the introduction of what is JavaScript to variables, numbers and strings.  The tutorials at this moment in time are very basic however they are really well made easy to follow. I am looking forward to the future of the tutorials hopefully soon will be the ones that follow so i can further the knowledge. Whilst i wait for the continuation of the Level up Tut’s i will start to go through the PhoneGap Tutorials as well however i will need to complete these Tut’s on a Mac as currently i use a PC and for IOS and Android apps you have to use a Mac.




To get an idea of how hard PhoneGap is and the learning curve in order to judge the possibility of the App creation.

I will be following this tutorial http://mobile.tutsplus.com/tutorials/phonegap/phonegap-from-scratch/ i will mark progress on a post to see how it is going.

Shelley did say that my initial idea is a little too much so it might be worth bringing it back in a little bit. If i find this during my tutorial of PhoneGap then i think i might have a solution.

The plan for if the work is too much is to do a purely content based app not dynamic content it will be based on online gaming and serve as a resource for gamers as a way to get into competitive gaming and understand how it works as well as what is required. As well as the app i will supply designs for a fully functioning dynamic app that was my original plan a scriming hub for games of multiple platforms and games. This would give me the benefit of both ideas get me into the start of app design and enable me plan to make a full version down the line.


As well as this PhoneGap tutorial i will need to Learn Javascript. Level up Tutorials have just started to release Javascript Tutorials i will be following along to see how these go as well as looking at other resources. The tutorials can be found here http://leveluptuts.com/tutorials/javascript-tutorials

FMP First Concepts

Final breif for this year had been handed in and i thought it was about time i started to think of concepts for Next year’s FMP. I allready have 2 main ideas and one alternate concept these are only the inital thoughts and are likely to change however it gives me a target to research.

  1. “The Scrim Lounge”- The Scrim lounge is my first idea one that i think has the highest potential and most worth looking into. The idea is to create an App for Competative and casual gamers to find new people to play a kind of Social Networking site for gamers but with the point being to arrange and “Challange” other members to a game. I am a competative gamer and on the game i play finding “Scrims” can sometimes be hard and although there are gaming sites most look at the leagues and not the more casual element. Also there currently is no gaming App for this genre so its an open market that i know needs an app. Also a lot of the gamers i play have Smart Phones and are too lazy to log onto the computer to look for matches against other like minded players.
  2. “The 300 Authors!”- This idea is based around community authorship. This would be a Website that each week challanges members to complete a page of a book with the final target being releasing an E-Book. My aim would be to create the site puslishise it create the book and release it as an E-Book. The genre would be picked by the community then the first page would be writte by a community member and released as a post then everyone can reply with the next page and the page would be selected via poll’s
  3. This isnt a actual idea as such but the basis would be a website that could help me learn PHP one of the now more important Coding languages.

I will be speaking to Alan and Shelley about these ideas to gain feedback and insight into if there are workable or too much