Beauty Retouch progression

The Beauty Retouch was an idea i originaly had i was going to do a piece that would be a family piece including my son and other half however i decided to do a beauty piece on my other half. I have some images from a photoshoot she did a few years back.

Whilst doing research i came across an artist which focused on work that wasnt about sex appeal i decided to do somthing similar. The main thing i noticed in the image was the colour there was heavy editing and layers over the top to show warmth and feeling. The first i had to do was remove the background the image had akward hair however using refine edge was important and it gave me a better understanding of it as previously i had struggled with it. I then started on one of the two important aspects of the image the “retouch” using tutorials mainly from Surreal PSD i removed blemishes added empashis on eye’s lips and eybrows. To do this it was mainly spot healing tool, surface blur, adjustment layers, color balance, hue and sat and then noise etc. I attempted at adding make up however this didnt turn out as well as i would like also the more natural look about her was more pleasing than a over the top edit. The piece was fairly good i could see soft skin and a model like pose the hair was a little off there was a bit sticking out however i thought i would edit this out once on a background so i could see what it looked like. I then found multiple background stocks which i compiled online i choose a poppy field at first however it didnt feel right so i dumped that and went for a different field.

The background image was good but the sky was too dark and dingey so i replaced the sky with a new image this took a few tried as verious skys didnt fit well however i ended up finding one that felt right after i adjusted teh color balance. I blended the sky in with the background image so it felt natural. Once this was achived and i was happy witht he background image and the model i started to try and bring the two together first i rezied the model to get her fitting right although i still am unsure wether she is too big but i think it feels right atm. I then needed to make it as if she was neeling in the grass i did this by dublicating the background image and cutting a “footer” that i could lay over the top of the model image it made it look as if some of the foliage was in front of her. I liked this it was simple but worked well i touched up the cut out a little here and there but it was suprisingly simple. I then started on blurring the background and foreground image i wanted to create a very shallow depth of field liked seen in other research. using adujestment layers, gussian blur and the greident tool i was able to get the effect i wanted however this did take time to get just right.

I decided at this point i was fairly happy with the piece so i could start the colour changes and gobal effects. I merged layers then exsperiments using diffrent colour and soft light layer modes. I mainly stuck to the colour golden, browns and yellows i then painted them in where i thought was best. I used a golden colour across the grass as it helped bring a real puncy colour to it then darkened the sky whilst lightening the model to make her stand above the rest. This part was proberly the hardest to try and keep the balance right not overdo or underdo any element was a tricky challange however i am confident witht he piece and happy with the outcome of it.








Action Poster Progress post

The Action poster was somthing i knew i wanted to do really. I love films and love the action B movie style think its awsome with a real astetic style to it. When i started i did my research and focused mainly on planet terror as well as Bitch Slap. I wanted to do somthing similar where you could tell what it was trying to acheive. This piece would be a composit piece with lots of details.

I started by creating a back drop for the models and added immagery to sit on. I wanted a desert where i could put exsploding cars heli copters or anything like that with nothing to detract. I found some great stock which can be seen in my collections the backdrop i knew would work instantly and would be perfect for the style i wanted to get. I was thinking of just having one dominated actress however through imagery and the book covere lecture i started on the charlie’s angles idea instead having two back to back and a third crouched low in a “action” pose. I found the stock cut them out refined edge’s, did beauty retouch on them etc then placed them into the composit i tried other stocks however these seamed to be sharp the right size and for the most part when i wanted. I then set out adding in other elements i knew i wanted an old car on fire or exsploding i came across an old rusty car which fitted well so i placed that in then found fire stock i got a stock which was a car on fire cut out the first with multiply layer mode then placed brush out and in certain area’s to fit my car this fitted amazingly well and was my fav part i added in some colour overlay to make it punch a little more.

I carried on adding in other element i wanted to put a sort of abandoned shack in the background managed to find one so used it with a girl in front digging a whole with some dirt besides here. The main part of this was cutting out and finding good stock however at this point i was firly happy and did not want to clutter the scene any more. I started to add in fire highlights into the area on the actresses  and elements. These helped everything seam to fit aswell and not look so unnatural.

I then also added in shadows onto  models and cars etc. which also placed things into the scene a little better. Once i was happy i mergered layers added a vinyet aswell as a unsharp mask to pull it together. I then moved this into another document to start work on titleing and a paper look. I followed a tutorial on how to creat a planet terror poster to add a paper overlay and make the piece look printed out i then found paper tear brushes and used these to tear the edges and two stripes across the piece for titles. I used bitch slap and planet terror as refrence of laying out the text. I posed these on deviant art and asked for critical feedback Dean suggested ditching the font and look into the text a little more. I did go back and look at it and instead of a quote at the top changed this to actresses names which fitted a lot better however the font to me hand this B Movie look as if it is layer styles and DaFont which is what i actuly wanted and looking at Bitch slap posters is very similar. The text was somthing i worked on for a while because i wanted a certain style i did use layer styles for that purpose and fond really cheesy over the top text aswell.

This piece took me a lot of effort and time however i think it really paid off. It has a B Movie feel a lot of elements and some complex colour tones and paper work on it. I hope it pays off there are certain elements i would change such as the models the left one and right seam a little amature to me looking at it also i would spend more time enhancing the lighting on the models as it is currently a little basic. The images below are all taken from different stages and all though a lot of the elements are skipped over in the images it gives a general sense of how it progressed.(not in order by the way)


New York Canvas Print

The new york canvas peice was meant original going to be a surreal landscape piece however after seeing a new york wall art in a shopping store i decided to try and do somthing similar.

I found one of the hardest parts about this piece was stock searching i needed an image that could be used A3 size and not look to pixelated. I compiled all the stock images in my pinetrest and deviant art. I started with an image dublicated it desaturated the bottom one then used hue and sat to create an interesting key colour. With adjustment layers i brought key colours forward to see how the image would work. I found it worked well overall but i would like to bring in an element to break up the picture and give it depth like i had seen in other images. I found stock of a road sign i cut this out placed it into the scene use the same method as before to adjust the colours also increased the saturation to make it really punch. This was a process that although is relativily simple is hard to get a really good balance so i played around with other methods of editing colour like curves and overlay’s. I also tried to add in another image of a building on the left hand side of the sign however it felt to disjointed and did not fit well the original imaged worked well so i decided to stick with it.

At this point there was a building in the background that seams very bland i decided to try and make it a little grungy by adding a moss image over the top of it chainging to overlay and adujusting it so it was only on the building with a low opecity. I then turned my focus onto a single person which i thought might stand out i wanted to remove him however a removal would was to big of a job with the surrounding enviroment so tryed to put an image over the top to hide him and simply remove the last portion of him. I tried this with a Brittish Phone Box however as this is a new york piece it really did stand out to much but i couldnt find anything else that would work well plus the person was only a minor detraction because he reminded me of someone i knew. I discarded the phone box idea after spending quite a bit of time trying to get it to fit.

The peice seamed good at this point and i was happy to put the final touches on it. I merged the layers applyed a unshapen mask on a layer above with the opecity brought down so it showed through to a respective level. I then added a global color change to it so it fitted well using adjustments-colour this gave a tone across this peice that fitted. The main part of the piece that makes it really stand out was the unsharpen mask but getting the right setting took a lot of offort. Lastly i added in some noise to give texture and did another unshapen mask as i thought it helped certain elements feel really modern and punchy. All the images below where taken at different stages of the process i am sure there where more however these are the Key points.

Margate Sketch break down and progression

As i do not like stopping and starting work to make Blog posts i am containing all the progression into a recap post for each peice.

This one is for the “Margate Sketch”

My initial idea was to do a surreal landscape digital painting. I however found Digital painting extreamly difficult and struggled to produce the most simple images. I decided to take a image i have previously seen or taken then draw over it. I found a image online i then drew over it with a tablet to see how to form lines and an image. I then tried to add colour and do different elemnts. I found this to be more my style the lines where easily defined and everything seamed logical. See the progression of images below:

street over sketch1withoutBG street over sketch1 with colourstreet over sketch1withoutBGstreet over sketch1withBG

I decided i wanted to carry this idea on but in a more techincal way applying it to a “Real” image. I went downto Margate seafront took some images that i thought might be intresting then started to draw 2px soft lines around elements of the picture. This was extreamly time consuming and my first piece took 4 hours just to do the main building out lines and a little detail. I carried on however as i personaly found it relaxing and the time flew by. I got to a point where i looked at the piece and could see it provided a unique style that i liked and would like to do but even better. At this point Dean showed me a very simple techique that made me want to kill him! simply holding down shift make a dot then make another it drew a straight line for you -.- . I took this new tool and re stared the whole piece. It sped up the time it took dramaticly and also made it more graphic art as before it looked more child like.

I carried on with this idea working on it for many hours then i started to add colour i would do this by sampling a colour and doing block colour on eac section. This was effective but also very time consuming and left so edges bleeding over so again looked childish Dean suggested creating an outline of the piece i wanted to colour then filling it with a block colour i took this idea but i prefared using a pen tool to go around the black lines then filling with a sampled colour. I prefared this method to Deans as it meant the sections coulf be more detailed aswell but still keep block colour this again sped up time to creating the piece.

Once i had a kind of finished piece for the building i started on the Sea and Sky. The sky i made a simple block colour of blue. For the Sea i did one block colour then me and Dean thought it would be good to draw around highlights and dark part of the sea using two different layers then fill with different colour to show the detail. This worked really well i then uploaded to DA and asked for feedback from the community. I however have no following on DA but i passed it onto Dean and asked for feedback. The only thing he suggested was to simple add a gradient to the sky i did this aswell as the sea as i thought it helped with that to. I am now fully happy although i will run it past Dean one last time on my last lecture. (progress pictures below)


Stock imagery

To find stock images i created a deviant art section for them at first however i find this meant i was limited to just having deviat art stock. I decided to use deviant art collection aswell as a stock image pinetrest board. All of the stock used can be found inside of this collections for all of my projects. I did however take my own stock for the Margate Sketch as well as the model pic for the Beauty Retouch. These are my collections….

Canvas Print

I have changed one of the ideas i was having before


i was oringianly planning on doing a vexel piece of work however i didnt enjoy the tutorials i did also it was  a little out of my comfort zone i am not confident i could produce a good piece of work. The new style i am looking at producing is these mass produced New York canvas print that use photomanipulation to create cavas print that incorperate all different elements of new york then color them to create a great feature for interior house design. I noticed these print in verious shops and each time i see them at first i wow then realise that i could also produce this level of work and mabye do it better.


I am to produce a A3 piece that replecates the New York Canvas print style i will also get this printed and actuly use it for my own home after.
I will need to start research i will creat a Pin it art board for stock imagery aswell as a deviant art file. I will also get a artboard of previous work by other people in this same style as a reference.


Great Type faces:

Knockout typeface


eurostile exstanded


geared (lost type co)

mrs eaves

bebas (worth looking into)




brandon grotesque



linotype univers



ideal sans

chunk 5 typeface