Motion Graphics thoughts

Now the work is finished I am happy although now I have handed it in have notices one or two mistakes including spelling unfortunately After effects does not included a grammar checker (yet). The rest however looks great the rain I love the color I love the style create a tense atmosphere and draws the viewer into reading each word. Next time I animate I will make sure I tidy up certain animations however just to give it a professional polish.


Motion Graphics work

Continuing the work on my piece has been hard work although I am really happy with the sound track and visual style I feel as if I am not using the full extent of what we have been taught such as 3D cameras however my piece is all about plain and simple camera would just not fit in. I have started nesting all my work each separate animation in its own pre comp which has helped my work flow A LOT! I have also started to make use of the rain simulator effect as well as using range selector to help animate individual parts of my words also to create a reveal at the end to give the impression of the words being written which I believe works well. I have also added in color I used a sin city poster to eye drop a red and add it to key words which I believe add meaning to the reading.

Mega blog

Just finished the lesson in which we had a 1 to 1 with Simon to run though ideas.

Simon was very helpful giving me advice on how to proceed. After looking at my research in previous blogs he could see i had a firm understanding of what i was aiming for. The audio clip he said was well chosen as its clear intresting and should provied room for a intresting project.

i am quite confident with the concept at the moment as i belive if i carry out what i have planed in my previous blog then the piece will be intresting engaging and authentic to the original source (sin city film/ novels). Simon said i looked confident with After Effects however this is the one bit i am not 100% with their are many things i would like to do however iam not sure where to begin with it.

My next step is to research “range selector” in order to animate text letters individualy also research invloving camera might be needed i do like the use of camera’s however at the moment i just use text animations.


My idea is to take the Sin City opening monolog and provided a film noir style “kinnect typography”. To acheive the film noir style i will be using a black background and an offwhite text with certain important letters in Red. The text should flow and take its time to represent the voice over as it should have a calming effect up untill the turning point where the voice turns more sinister.

following on text analysis

Just looked through the Script and made comments (see pic below)

As you can see pointed out a few things i would like to see but what amkes this scene work i belive is its simplicity so everything i do should reflect this i do not want to make this cheesy with lots of flashy effects it needs to be three main things.

  1. Simple (to reflect the voice and tone aswell and very serious theme)
  2. Flowing (the voice just roles of the tounge and feels natural so the text should aswell we can acieve this by keeping the text its self simple and use camera to linke words together)#
  3. Contrasting (the clour pallet for this peice will cause the biggest problem the the shades of white and Red have to be perfect to emphsise the word

If i revolve my piece around this three rules i belive it will reflect the text, genre and film very well to a professional standard

Sin City research

I have begone my research into the audio that i would like to do The audio i plan to use is the opening monolog in Sin City (  1.47-2.36) I choose this scene as the audio is very atmospheric and sets the tone for the whole film which happens to be one of my favorites. This scene if one taken directly from the Novel that Sin City is adapted from this scene is also called “The customer is allways right” althought for a first time watcher this scene might not make too much sense if you read the comics there is story behind each of the characters.

Some shots used in this scene are from the exact angle as in the story if yo compare this video (, which happens to be a video of each picture from the graphic novel synced to the audio from the film, to the one before we can see the same shots used in both.

The film Sin City’s genre is calssed as “neo noir” meaning “new black” which has developed from “Film Noir“. Sin city especiually uses alot of the low key high cnotrast lighting that in film noir is called “Chiaroscuro” this is also the bases for the style i would like to use. I would like my typogrpahy and style to be true to the Neo noir/ film noir style by using white writing on a black background using red as an accent for certain words.

I have collected a transcript of sin city from this source ( and double checked it lisetning to the sudio alongside the script. I have started to bold certain words i belive to be of importance to the script and words the actor puts empesis into so i can realte this visualy on screen. The main task for me is to get the atmosphere right this includes the typography being the right font, size, colour and the timing has to be just right.

My next task is to print of the script right notes across the page maby with basiuc drawings to show what i would like to happen similar to a story board.


Just read through the brief once again and decided to start my reseach into typography.

Obviously typography plays a major role in any websites due to the amount of text on screen so naturally if you make the text more intresting the page becomes more intresting. Typography also plays a major role in all other media’s from newspapers to advertising.

The internet arguably the biggest resource for research allowed me to find a web page called Thinking with Type this site has loads of details regarding typography such as Kerning (spacing), size, tracking (spacing across a line) and much more the author of the website also has written a book also called Thinking with Type. I will be checking to see if we have this book  in the library tomorrow and if so this will be my main research for the first brief.

Motion graphics

Motion graphic lessons so far have been good on the second lesson we droped straight into Adobe after effects and go to work on using it to create a small animation. After effects to me feels very natural allmost like a mix of final cut pro and photo shop. We have been set a research task to look into kinetic typography and think about what we would like ours to be based on. I have spoken to my friend about doing one of his band’s songs and he was very happy however the song is being mastered at the moment so as a back up and alternate options i have been looking at film quote’s.


My first choice will be Sin City i have been able to find an example (see below) of the exact sequence. This example is well done smooth and stylish however I do not believe is captures the true sin city nature its not gritty or dark i would use a different colour pallet and more film noir font. I would class this as a reasonably hard project to complete


My second idea was snatch (see below) however this one would be much harded to pull how as the Talking is much faster and has more whit to get across than sin city. Mixing a Cockney style font with a “Pikey” style font would look interesting and I would also make Mickey’s font confusing fast paced and constantly on the move. The video below is an example of a well done piece much similar to that of mine however the background could be worked on and I would like it to flow slightly better.