Presentation round up

On the day of the presentation we all turned up 30 mins early including Garvin. I said as project manager i would take the lead introduce us and clsoe it aswell as present the research however i asked everyone introduced themselfs aswell as there concepts. This meant i did the majority of the presentation however each specialist did there area of expertise i.e. Grant did the print campaign and Dan did the video and motion graphics concept.
I asked Garvin to introduce himself and to add in anything he felt was needed. The presentation went well especialy in comparison with other groups. Our presentation seams to gather more interest from people aa i tried to engage them with eye contact not script reading and trying to come across confident. It seamed as if the presentation was well recived aswell although we did run over time slightly i dont belive we overdid it too much. Everyone presented there parts great aswell and i felt we came across as a strong unit that was able to complete work by deadlines with a good approach. The main points that Kate gave us was good presentation, great research plus well summarized just sligtly long.

After the presentation we all relaxed and had a talk about how it went the group seamed happy overall and confiedent with it we decided that we could rest untill we found out who got the breif but we was unsure how long this would take.
That evening we recived a email from Jennifer Stoole asking to join our group she sent a very good formal email exsplaining who she was and what she studied etc. asking to join. I replied with i had to ask our group so i forward the email to get a general response everyon seamed happy with that so i said she was welcome and assigned her Senior graphic designer within the group working with Grant mainly. We havent had our first lesson with her yet however have exchanged a few emails and i am fairly confident this will only help develop our group and make us stronger.


presentation lead up and group changes

Once again we have a new member added to the ranks. Garvin i a video and motion graphics student  that was looking for the group Grant introduced me to him and he gave me a break down of his skills etc. I decided that Garvin would be a good fit to the group being able to help Dan with his concept. The presentation however was only a few days away so i said to start on research and catch up with what we are doing then he could join us for the presentation and introduce himself but would fully start work after the presentation.
At this point i had created my first draft of the presenttion i created a coustum background that i thought looked profesional i researched into other presentation and got inspriation from them. The presentation is somthing i have allways enjoyed and felt pretty confident with i wrote it kept everything to bullet points included all the research and sommarized why we belive it will work i lef the concepts blank as i was sending it to the group to give feed back then add in there ideas. Dan emailed me back first with his ideas added in which was helpful however he didnt have the font so i went through and re aligned it all and changed fonts etc. just the presentation side. Grant emailed me the work he wanted to add in i then took it put it into the presentation. All feed back from the group was apperciated and a few change where made because of this.


Once the presentation was finialized we arranged to meet 30 mins ealry on the day of the presentation to discuss who would be saying what and where.



Group changes and pesentation work

During The lesson before our presentation Dan Terry was looking for a group. Kate introduced us and Dan did a presentation to us to apply for our company. Myself and Grant wached this and decided that Dan would be a great addition to our group. Straight away we filled in Dan on what we had been doing up untill this point i.e. resesearch concept’s and group roles. I assigned Dan the role of Video and Motion Graphics Director as he studys video and motion graphics allready plus is his main focus for work.


After we had got to grips on who was who and what we where aiming to do we developed the breif to allow for the fact we have another student to help with the work with different set of skills. We merged our previous idea of a poster and a leaflet into one concept then with Dan we wrote out a new concept. As project manager i decided that Grant would work on the printed concept and Dan on the video and motion graphics idea’s whilst i created the presentation. This way we all had our roles for the week and we could maxiumise the amount we could get done withing this time.

Jobs for this week:

Me- create presentation, continue with research and help other members develop ideas

Grant- start the psoter and leaflet mock ups, once got the presentation add them in

Dan- Start developing the video and motion graphics concept, mock ups, questionaire sent to local school.

Idea development

I spoke to Alan and Mary today about my idea how it can be improved, if it is relevent and if it could be done within 2000 words. I first spoke to Alan on his own he suggested that my idea was a little ambitious and said to perhaps focus only on the design of the mobiles phones and how they are still similar/ different. I then spoke to Mary who said she thought my idea of interesting and would apply very well to the brief needless to say i was confused so mary and I went and spoke to Alan together so we could work it out.

Alan shared his conceners that i was starying away fromt the brief and instead of focusing on the mobile phones i was conecntration too much on soceity and the uses of mobiles phone when the breif requires me to compare two objects against each other. Mary was quick to agree after speaking with Alan however not with the idea of concentrating on design as it would be very dry instead to focus more on the phones and explore how they are used in certain situation such as the london riots vs. tottenham 1985 riots.

I have since sent my current version of the essay to Alan to read through so he can suggest any improvements or a suggested way to refocus the essay. I will await a reply and carry out suggested changes however i would like to carry on with my original idea but maby relating to the phones a lot more and the possiblities of how they can be used and how they are currently used.

I should continue to wokr on the essay and await response from Alan.

more online research

more online research i will be conducting more first hand research in the libary and will aim to hand out some questionaires to get people oppions on phones.

here are my research links:

Time magazine 50% of Americans have a smart phone:

time mag telecommunications fight back:

time mag smart phones used to organize attacks:,8599,2087337,00.html

time mag on the go entertainment with HBO,28804,2101344_2100600_2100605,00.html

total number of iphones sold

mobile phones used in 2010

mobile phone bullying article

iphone 4s size and weight:


This post will be dedicated to listing the websites I believe will be useful for my essay I also hope to come across some articles on time magazine and other magazines as well. Once I am back in uni I will also start research into books and magazines that are on the shelves.

Timeline of the history of Telecommunication:

this should be a good resource for getting the history of what lead up to the invention of the first cell phone


about the first cell phone:

this resource also should provide good information on the “retro brick” it is supposed to sell the phone however before that it informs you all about the phone including the inventor, company and developers.

Evolution of phones:

this goes from the first phone to the iphone might prove handy for other phones through the ages.


More info on the first phone:

This site is again selling the phone but also includes an original advertising campaign poster

Advertising campaign:

interesting campaign and a lot to talk about for the essay especially target audience.

Iphone 4s features apple website:

a quick summary loads there!

13 page review!!

need to say more?


More research is needed into actually articles about the use of phones in society there should be previous essays with similar themes also articles in magazines like time magazine.



Idea development

I have been researching into Telecommunication from the fist phone up until now with the smart phones. I was trying to decide whether I should compare the I phone to either telecommunication in the 1940’s or to the first cell phone. The reason I originally thought 1940’s was with the War I believed that this time period telecommunication would have been vital to the government and provided quick communication between the army also the first microwave communication was developed in this time more information found here….

A form of communication that uses the “line of sight method” to transfer data. I stared to research however after a very short period I ran out resources coming up empty on articles to do with the society’s use of the Telecommunication for the time period and also no articles on how the Army actually used the telecommunication’s. The other idea was to compare the first mobile phone with the I phone this was much easier to find resources on as it was considered a ground breaking moment in history there are plenty of articles, web sites and books which talk about this moment.

So I decided to discuss the first mobile phone the “Motorola DynaTAC 8000X” and the “I Phone” I hope to compare them technology wise but more importantly their role in society how they were used who owned them and why people think they are so important.

I will now start research and hope to get information about both of the phones so that when I start my essay I can go into it with a knowledge about the phones rather than learning about them as I write as this would impair my ability to write an essay in a logical and unbiased way