Final Thoughts

Final thoughts on one of my favorite assignments. I believe the piece I have ended up with is really good it creates an super hero/ film poster feel to it with a clean background plenty of painted in lighting which took a lot of time. Little extra’s such as the fire balls in the background which all add to the effect of the piece plus a nice contrast of fire red/orange with cold blue in the background. I believe that taking into account I had only ever done very basic photo shop not including using layer masks or the pen tool I have learnt a lot and gained a vast experience in a short space of time.


More Research

Updating the blog with research u forgot ot add in.

Inspriation for my piece also came from a game called infamous 2 (see pic below). This game is based around an anti hero struggling with powers with the choice to be good or bad. The lighting in this piece is great a perfect contrast of blue and red much of which i would like to get across in my work. Here we can see an example of how lighting effects can create dynamic and dramatic shadows. I can see how fire also reacts within a plam where shadows are cast  and the intensity that they cause.







I also used verious tutorials online to create certain effects such as for “fire lines” however the fire lines didnt work as they seams to unnatural.

The sparks around the fire where from  steps 21 and 22.

I also looked at this tutoril however i couldnt apply it to my work.

The design process

Updating on how my piece is going and show my process for this piece. after all the research i did i believed it was time to get stuck in with some work to get my ideas into an image. Me, Will Ward, Kam and Andreas all did a photo studio session together using the camera i own. We all took each others photos to get the best stock image and make sure we all understood lighting and photography. I then choose an image that i liked and decided to start using that piece. Unfortunately this piece was not the best quality the pixel’s once blown up in size start to the blur and not great definition however the background removal would be a simple task. I started to pull together various stock images that i would like to use creating a gallery on deviant art of possible stock images. I finally decided on all the stock i would use (look below).
So onto the editing. I first removed the background on me making sure that it was as clean as possible then took the background stock image placed it into a new document A4 size to see if the image size was right as it was i then started to edit the background so i could place new clouds in however the alley image was badly over exposed in the sky area so some of the building needed editing i then brought forward the clouds and darkened down the alley to make it fit. I then found stock fire and imported it into the picture the image looked odd as there was no lighting and very little atmosphere. I then used a vinyetting technique thought to me by Dean to pull focus into the model. The next step was to start putting in lighting effects i created a new duplicate layer did an adjustment and painted it in using a layer mask. I carried this on for hours trying to get the right balance using different layer types such as overlay and soft light. The background at this point was looking empty so i used new stock images to create fire balls in the sky then blended them in using opecity also this gave it a depth. The fire although looked nice i needed to give it a glow using a new layer in overlay mode i painted in some eye droped colors this really made the piece liven up. The background was still plain so i used a curves on everything behind the fire and me thencreated a complementary color scheme using blues to contrast with the orange and yellow. The rest was simply tidying up the edges preforming a skin soften and adding definition with a unshapen mask.  

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Initial Research

This is a recap of research i have conducted so far in relation to this research.

I had an initial idea for my piece and it based around fire this is because of Photos i have of me swing fire poi with a slow shutter speed creating striking visuals i then mixed this concept with my other love films. So through these ideas i wanted to create a portrait that looks like a film/game poster of me controlling fire with my hands.Dean suggested researching mavel film posters as my piece would have a similar feel however surprisingly not many of the pieces had the fire element i was looking for as well as most pieces having a cast based poster on a undetailed background with fairly plain backgrounds behind them such as the below pictures.

These Two poster where the advertise Mavel film productions on the left “Iron Man” and on the right “Captin America”. Bother of these poster have a similar feel both have the main characters in the center of the screen in powerful poses plus both have plain backgrounds and use interesting lighting. The Iron man uses the light from his hand to fill in the rest of the piece creating a shadow over the face where just the Eye POP out. The Captin America piece however uses off screen lighting to give a feel for a dramatic half light half shadow look creating dynamic shadows than highlight around the edges. I would like to incorporate lighting in my piece similar to these dynamic shadows with a fairly plain background to make myself POP out.

From here i decided to research down alternate routes in order to find a piece slightly more similar to mine. I started a collection of art on deviant art that i would use to help influence my own. I came across a lot of great art however a few pieces stood out for me and i  added them to my collection I noticed that three pieces belonged to one user freaky665 She used fire in quite a few pieces the one below is my personal favorite.

The piece below uses many of the conventions i would like to use. The first of which is obviously fire the fire in this piece is very well done all seaming natural and following a real gravity path. The second bit i would like to use is the fire sparks caused by the  instrument creating a depth and added layer of detail. The third is the lighting the fire caused a orange glow across one half of the face and dramatic shadow across the other half. The background provides a nice contrast for the fire and makes it stand out more than  the rest of the piece. I loved this piece so much i emailed the artist first to thank her for the piece and second to find out how she did it i have had no response as of yet and don’t expect one as i am sure she is too busy creating art.

So far this as far as i have got with my research however i already gotten a good idea of what i want and how to achieve it i will start my first idea and start looking for tutorials for specific ideas i have.

Peter Brewster

Taking stock images

Today Dean set us up with the task of going out into the uni grounds in groups and taking stock images.

When we got out we took more artistic shots than stock images however towards the end we took a few.

Image 1:

for this post i have inserted a large image so it is easier to see what i am talking about. This image i believe to a certain extent would work well as a stock image as the lighting is even and no dynamic shadows or distracting backgrounds. The image however is slightly out of focus the image would work better if their was more definition as the majority of the focus is on the front of the face.

Image 2:

This image i would believe the be the better stock imagery due to very sharp image and even lighting. The image is not really interesting however the idea of stock photo’s are about clarity and lighting. The lighting was diffused by the window of camera to the left and the sun provided enough light this image was took using portrait mode. To make this a better stock photo i would use similar lighting move the model further from the wall to reduce shadows and create a more interesting pose.


The image above i believe to be more dynamic and have better lighting as it allows the model to have more colour in the face however this is more of a artistic shot and the background in distracting and could create problems for stock imagery.

first lens based lesson

At the end of our first proper Lens based media lesson i was left loaded with infomation and idea’s buzzing around my head.

This lesson helps us get to grips with a few theories mainly colour theory and Depth of field

Before the lessons i had done previous work with DOF as i came from a video production background but applying it to digital art was amazing the picture below is one example that i liked the main focua is on the guy located bottom left on the cross section of the rule of thirds also the top right has an intresting focul point with a ship flying past.

As we learnt with colour theory purple has connotations of Royalty and wealth due to renaissance times what purple was the most expensive dye in this case the image above is also a great example of colour theory using mainly shades of purple to provide a rich sci-fi look.

After we looked at examples of art using DOF and colour theory using Deviant Art we moved on to Editing a photo of a frog Dean showed us how to add a Gaussian blur to create the illision of DOF and then left us to get used to Photoshop.


As you can see above there are two photos the left photo was the original the right the edited photo. There are lots of changes i made i first started by adding the Gaussian blur to the foreground leaf and the background Then used hue and saturation of the background to give it a darker feel also making it less noticeable i then repeated with the frog to make it more “normal” looking. I Also added using a vector layer a glow into the background around the frog creating a spotlight feel. using the clone tool i also added in more of the nostrials and and more “ear” type things to create a pattern this was just to get a feel for the tool however not pre thought purpose.