Dissertation Research sites theory’s and more

Started research into “Geminschaft (Translated as community)” and “Gesellschaft (Translated as Social)”. This was suggested by Alan as a good starting point and already i can see why. The Theory we created by Ferdinand Tonnies in 1887 and is considered a major part of Sociology.


As i am researching into community with the App world we can already sides the ties that relate to the real world as well. The idea of Community and Social bonds are breaking down Human relations into two part community relation ships that are close to home i.e. Family, Friends people we feel our behaviour is defined by and Social which if the more distance relationships like work people who we don’t feel morally abided to we feel we set our own beliefs for these set of people


I should look into reading the Book by Tonnies but untill then i will continue research into his theories and i want to also look into what relations ships on Facebook are like in relation to this theory are they Social or Community?


This will be my next step