unit 2 brief and thoughts

The breif for unit two could pose a very interesting challenges to us and push us to work to a profesional standard using a profesional brief.

The brief is to complete one of the D and DA briefs for this year there are many to choose from including video productions animation production to poster’s and magazine covers.

The brief that has caught my eye however is the channel 4 brief. Channel 4 i belive to be a great channel with new and exspressive ideas in a way that the BBC and ITV wouldnt even attempt they aim to be groundbreaking and contravershall. I have also allready had exsperience with research on them as in college i did a project in which i created a E4 ident that captured the E4 spirit. The channel is completly different from what the current channel 4 breif is asking.

The Brief:
Channel 4 require a video submission that advertises a new channel for channel 4 however this channel is aimed at the 60+ demographic so needs to be maturer but keeping the channel 4 cheecky nature. This video should represent the channels tone, audience and content but not be to patronising.

Things to do:
step 1. Research build a solid knowledge of the Channel 4 brand including all of its channels aswell as research the breif on the D and DA website

step 2. Logo the new channel will need a logo using research on the other logos it should be in keeping with the theme of the new channel aswell as the channel 4 brand

step 3. exsperiment with ideas get an idea of what will and what wont work

step 4. evaluate which ideas are worth taking further

this is a rough guide on how i will approach this task however if an idea hits earlier i shall follow it up and see where it leads.


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