Developing creative practice intro

Starting of Developing creating practice has been interesting we first started with bringing in a piece of design we liked and talk about it for 3 min’s I choose a logo for a band I used to like to talk about. This got me thinking about pieces of work I see on an everyday basis and how much thought is put into each one.

I missed a lesson so contacted fellow students to get an idea of what I missed unfortunately they weren’t the most helpful but gave me an idea we had to create a brief to redesign a part of the uni that need more “heart” choosing three places to work on. I created my own brief on my own as was not in a group at this point but I must have misunderstood as in the presentation I realized that other people had done it differently. I then joined a group at the end of the presentations with Will Ward, Kam, Rachael and Gabby at the end of lesson we all meet up assigned jobs and started to discuss ideas all people had input and I took pictures of Horizons our chosen area to work upon. We all present our improved version of their original brief at the next presentation I took control for presenting as I was confident with presenting. The brief still needed work before submitting so my and Gabby worked upon this then submitted it. Writing the brief was interesting as it put us on the other end of the brief and gave us a better understanding of the way to read briefs.


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