Stages of proccess for making the piece

I have to decided to create as i go along renders of the video at different stages to show the growth of the piece and how i came to change certain parts i have done this quite late though the basic animations are in place after hours of finely tunning and losing all my work once due to an amateur mistake. As the days go past i will update this with new links to further on versions of this piece.

first render test (watch in full HD to get an idea of image quality):

This video is simple a render test get the setting right for the piece as well as seeing the setting quality. This render worked well it was suggested to me by the Motion Graphics teacher Simon i will use this for my final piece as well. All in all i was happy with this the images did not look pixely the animation works however obviously there is audio work to be done as well as adding in the set which will focus around the current set. the piece gives you and idea what to expect however the sound will make a great difference to the piece i will also extend certain scenes within final cut.

2nd render with some extra sound plus channel 4 logo

this video just added some sounds they work well and looks great getting there just need to do the rest of them.


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