I am in fear of repeating myself however i decided i should dedicate a post to simply putting my final piece in context.

The final piece is meant to reflect two issues that effect all of our modern soceity. The first issue is NHS privatization which is what the current govement would like to pass however the previous perposal was voted against by a small margin in the last vote. The second issue is Tesco and its Globliazation and general domination of the Market. Tesco is a house hold brand and is unarguably one of the biggest supermarkets in the UK. Tesco started as selling simple food and nessaccary items however over time have over taken many area’s from TV and electrical good to Toy’s and Insurence.

The piece i have created is meant to be seen as if it was a real Tesco add it should be able to be put up and looked at carefuly. The message does not shout at you like other mash ups however its more elegant than that it lures you into a false sense of security by appearing as a Tesco ad but has a darker meaning. The Idea of Tesco being in control of our heart transplant’s is scary as we know them as a supermarket for budget brands and that is how they represent them selfs. The NHS issue is also scary the idea that if the NHS wanted to still not charge for its services it would need to take on sponser’s or donator’s even though Tesco are unlikely to be that personit would still need a buissness and finical figure to support it. The Idea of Tesco sponsering the NHS is a little outlandish however it makes the point that NHS would in effect have to prostitute themselfs to affoard the costs.



Final Changes and attempt plus thoughts

I have finaly finished my idea for the Mash up

I decided to try both the street with Tesco everywhere aswell as the NHS privatation idea.

The Street idea i started took a image on the lower margate high street then photoshoped the tesco logo to replace the name of thes shops i did this to quite a few shops(which you can see below) however deicded it wasnt working half way through. The image was just coming across like a childs project and the message was just lost. I did like the original message however i dont think it was aparticularly great way of showing it.

I moved onto photoshoping an Tesco Add to change the message of it. I took the original poster seen below then changed it into a Heart transplant advert. This shows the message effectivly and looks realistic to you could poster this around and people would have to take a second look in order to realise it was realistic. The message about the NHS selling out and having to take on sponsership comes across and leaves a lot to talk about. I look forward to anazlising this further and discussing the current issues that effect us all.



NHS privatised/ Tesco reach

I have again changed my idea. I have been looking at verious ideas and researching into news and recent stories. I have come across an old worry about the NHS being privatised. This is somthing that effects the whole of Britian who use the NHS for everything from emergencies to needing check ups. The current parliment aim to reduce the debt owed by Britian by prviatising the NHS as currently each year 106 billion (2011-2012 accroding to

here are some fo the stories i have read within my reserach-


This is a subject that in know would effect me and many people. Many of the population also agree with this aswell. We do need to make changes to our economay however the NHS is somthing the UK should be proud of it shows the nature of the UK and provides people with comfort and less stress. The last thing people need in this current economic crysis is another bill which health insurence would become.

I was thinking how i could show this in a visual form however. I did think about having injured people queing outside a bank asking for a loan however thought this might be unclear. I also though about having David Cameron throwing a NHS leaflet into the bin but again the message might not come across.


I have instead decided to go down the approach of showing how the NHS would have to “Sell out”. I intend to create a poster similar to those used by Tesco’s currently ( Tesco is a brand that is reconised instantly across the whole of the UK and is very popular also it’s reach is also exspanding we can now get everything from our grocieries to car insurence or house insurence. I can mix these two very different messages to create one piece that will show the NHS having  to sell out whilst showing the ever exspanding reach of Tesco.

Tesco development

During Lecture we discuss these ideas further and thought about news ones too.


I still like my idea and plan to continue with it aswell but i have also been thinking about the Local towns being destroyed by buisnness like Tesco’s. Town’s like broadstairs and Margate are being ruined by places like westwood as the people who would shop localy now go to the shopping centre and go to shops that are cheap mass produced content.


Ideas for this concept:

1. People walking out of a Tesco that is located in the midsts of a old town that dead also all people coming out would be wearing similar things or the same maby copy a few people and place them all over!

2. shot of a town like margate with Closed down writted across each one with a big tesco sign above the buildings in the background.

3. a shot of margate but all the shops have been replaced with the likes of ASDA, Tesco, Poundland etc.


These are just ideas i might try them out but my main focus is to continue the trail of the NHS idea

William Hague Foreign Secretary

I have changed my mind on the approach to this brief I was originally thinking of doing a mash up showing David Cameron’s policies as being only for the rich however I decided I was only actually doing this because of my biased and uninformed reasoning. I instead decided to research into current affairs that are effecting Britain and as a result me. In my research I across and interesting article (found here) which was talking about the foreign secretary going to Canada to sign a “open joint UK-Canadian diplomatic missions abroad” he then also wishes to do the same with the Australia and New Zeeland in the hope we can pool our resources to support our self and create an economic stable environment.  The initiative itself is for a good purpose however I find it interesting as its basically saying we don’t trust the EU anymore so we going to run to our other friends!! I hope to use this in creating an image in which the Foreign secretary is leaving the EU representatives behind and greeting his “old friends” the Canadians, Australians and Kiwi’s.

Another resrouce that helped my understand was this Daily Mail article (found here)

I have now started to research more into this issue aswell as looking into finding images of all the characters in my piece to create a good scene.

The current members can be (found here) however i will need images for them aswell

Initial Breif research and thoughts

After the lecture I’ve followed up with research into what a mash up exactly is and to get ideas about what kind of mash I would like to do.

This link above is a top 10 movie trailer mash ups. These mash ups take two films and use audio and visuals from each film to cut together a piece with a different meaning these are for comedy pieces of course they provide no real message there simply just done because people can and its fun. I enjoyed some of these a love the way they juxta position things like TNMT a classic kids movie with Resiviour dogs a Quentin Tarantino Movie that’s about primarily Violence and organised crime. Put together so well that it really can make you think about the controversial implications of it. If done correctly about a real subject matter they can have amazing effects.


I came across this video! and although before the video I had no idea on the subject matter or who Mitt Romney was I was able to guess who he is what he stands for and what type of a person he is although only from the view of the video creator. The video is funny in itself using press conference videos to create a rap from a USA Republican candidate for president. With out seeing any other information about him I can already guess he is a right wing wealthy strong minded American who believes in corporations and fighting for the already wealthily (which properly includes himself). Also puts a lot of political power towards the army and believes in fighting for “Peace”. This is simply from viewing this video however they could have created this about Gandhi and if I didn’t know who he was already I would have believed it and that is the power of these type of mash-ups.


The type of mash up I would like to follow is one that’s a visual mash up using photographs to create a poster. I would like to base this around either something political probably directed at David Cameron and his Elitism or the idea of vegetarians being healthier. I will follow this up with research in those area’s to see what has already been done and what can be done.