deadline troubles

Today was the deadline for our project and will who has the project file was unfortuntly unable to make it in. Will had recently uploaded a new version which was the one to be uploaded as our final piece unfortuntly the new upload had audio issues aswell as the visuals had gone back a step in the new edit the inside scene was orange again.I decided that i did not want to upload untill i had sorted the issue unforuntly i didnt have the project file so i downloaded from youtube two versions of our project then editited them together in order to make one finished piece.I tried to upload to youtube but the computer was having issues so instead i transfared it to Luke who uploaded it and sent me the link to submit the work.

There are more changes that i would choose to make but the deadline wouldnt allow us to do it.


Continuing the edit

After more changes and more sessions of of meeting all up together we final have a video we would be happy to hand in this cut is now to the point and is a lot cleaner it also has more color correction to it making the piece seam less orange although color could still have more done with it.

Although we feel we could hand it in we know there is a lot we can change and due to being organised we have the chance to take the piece in its current state of being”ok” and turn it into great. The first point that will need addressing is the color i have raised this with the group i voted to re-film however no one else would support this and as it was 3 against one we went with the option to try and carry on color correcting within after effects. We did a lesson on color correcting within motion graphics which will provide will with a lot of the knowledge to hopefully fully remove the orange tange that it has however it will require a lot of time effort and pacients but he keeps us updated and we continue to make suggestions.

My personal oppinon aswell is that some scenes could be done with slight trimming and padding in other places however again the majority rule and we are keeping it as it is with just a few minor noise changes which i notices such as a rustles on the mic or background noises. the credits have been now worked out. Me and Will sat in lesson and re-wrote the roles in production so they where more profesional and Luke has created a credits reel in after effects for the end Will shall put this onto the end and this should be the last changes.

For me these isnt much to do i am simple waiting to make comments on Will’s edit and helping where ever possible.

Video notes

After filming Will took the footage to create a very quick rough cut during the holiday.

This was the quick rough cut:

Will sent us all the link and asked for comments so i emailed him with list of comments which are as follows:

“General overall notes:

The inside stuff with lighting obviously is over orange this can be corrected using final cut pro. Go to effects-video effects- color corrector- 3 way color corrector then drag onto the clip you want to edit double click it to reveal in viewer go to the effects menu and you will see 3 color wheels the far left titles “whites” take the eye dropper tool and select a object that should be white to reset white balance. (this should do it when done can be copied onto other shots to save manually doing each scene.).


The audio totally needs re doing in my opinion this was a very good attempt but as we all know audio is always a git to do testing re attempts will have to do until we get them right.


The pace of this piece for the most part is good the transfare from room to room and outside locations seams natural without any major jumps except for the going into the toilet. But in certain parts it needs to be tightened up I belive to give it a professional polish.


Obviously I don’t know how the other shots went but some shots like the elevator I believe would be a benefit and add a bit more comedy to it.


I feel as if Will has edited it down to fit the 3 min mark when as this is only a rough cut edit it to fit naturally so if it lasts 10 mins that’s fin but then we can decide as a group what works and what doesn’t .


Notes I took whilst watching that refare to a time code:

Establishing shot has to go or be re-filmed

Dissolve at 13 secs doesn’t really work needs to either cut or separated b a cut away t the two just sitting there if we have one.

23 secs the pan needs to be a second or two later let the tension build up a little first.

27-29 secs need to hold a little with them looking at each other

36 secs should cut back to this shot when they are looking at each other then break the gaze not come straight back to him getting up already

44 secs if we have a shot of luke reading the paper then throwing it down would be nice to have that in before e throws it down giving a slight time passing by feel

1 min sound and shot is great really builds up well think it is in need of sound in background still some audio lacking the closed eye shot works great. What happened to the magazine? If we have a ok shot  quick one of that would be nice with a few more cu aways keeping to the same pace of the watch shot. Currently seams a little slow pace needs re thinking.

1:19 when music cuts out it feels as if its only just come in too soon for it just to cut however like the idea just maybe bring music in a little sooner or push back when he gets to the loo.

1:28 this scene way too long either chop it up so it jumps and gives the impression of time passing or lose it maybe?? If we was to lose it replace with the elevator shots? (not sure how they turned out however.) other option voice over some better audio making it a bit more punchy

2:34 cut this shot a sec earlier just takes a little too long it only needs a very little move

2:55 “oh my baby” gets a little annoying maybe cut out the audio of one of those and use slightly more shots of buggy rolling to give a impression of the buggy rolling for slightly longer

2:58 audio needs some TLC transfers from 1 audio level to another very quickly also a cutaway of a toilet sign that he sees maybe? Before he throws her.

3:06 cut to him walking into the toilet and door closing doesn’t match up quite right just seams a little odd atm maybe try shifting them a little

3:12 toilet way to clean for the reaction of him looking in disgust

3:18 this is the big reveal and seams a little too quick maybe build it up a little more with facial expressions before seeing the magazine still leading them to believe he going to the loo before you reveal the mag and what he is actually doing the cut to the outside is very nice though

Credits need to be re-written don’t look professional and the terminology isn’t great however some of them where great like catering lol need to written as a group for an official list including thanks to the admin in the library and people who volunteered to be in it at the opening day.

Not sure what I think about the bit after not against or with it really just doesn’t add too much.”

a lot of comments but we deicded that we would all meet up to put our input in and do a further joint edit.


Dean Oked the script and we got the go ahead for filming as soon as we wanted.

Filming has been all finished over the last two days. We managed to learn a lot over the last two days what went wrong and what went right.

I picked up the equipment on the wednesday morning as i arranged with luke over email. I then met up with the others and we headed to the first location ready for filming however due to lack of power outlets we where forced to search for new locations i waited with the equipment and did the first set of checks on the equipment plus checked out filming rate and resolution.

Once we had set up in our first locations i took control of setting up the lighting however we could not get rid of the shadows created by the lights due to lack of space for the lighting so we where forced to try our best. Whilst filming i filmed using one camera (the free hand camera) whilst Danny used the other on a tripod to get long and static shots. I tried to take role as director of photography but unforuntly other members of the group allready had set ideas and i wasnt allways liestned to as i thought i should have been we did however compromise and end up with some very good looking shots which will serve well in the final piece i belive we could have been more artistic in our approach instead of the very mundaine approach we took.

For the filming time i took control of the second camera and lighting but we all had a hand in directing, filming and sound. The filming went well all told i belive that we could have took more shots but we did manage to film all we needed.

Over the week off Will is going to edit a rough cut and post it onto youtube for us to see and comment on this is an important stage i belive as i originaly wanted to edit however Will volunteered so i will want to put some ideas across luckily Will is a very good editor and i look forward to seeing his first draft. This will also give us an idea on if we need to re shoot any scenes.

lighting, frame rate and white balance

Today was a change in lesson plan we original was to edit the short film we filmed previously however due to poor weather lots of people couldnt make it in so we did work that would help towards our filming days.


First we talked about frame rate we discussed the difference between 24 frames per second and 30 frames a second we secided that a 24 frame rate was proberly best due to it having that “film look” creating a more profesional look.

second we talked about lighting and more inparticular three point lighting which is commonly used in low budget films and photography. i also found this link: which exsplains how it works and shows the difference very clearly and helps a lot.

The last thing we talked about was auto white balance although more important in photography the same rules apply to film. Camera’s automaticly try to guess what white looks like however due to the subtle lighting differences caused by natural, floursent and other lighting. We can manualy make the camera understand lighting  however by showing it what true white actully is. This is important as most student projects get a horrible orange tang to the people in scenes.

finalized script and shooting dates

Since last post we have managed all my previous hopes and get further aswell.

The script has now been finialized we all have agreed with it and belive that it ill work great for a short film it is written in celtx and we all have a copy however we still have to submit it to Dean. The work has been a joint effort with Danny and Luke taking the lead for this stage.

I have been in contact mainly with Luke to arrange dates for filming and we decided to film over two days as we belive with 2 full days we can finish filming all together. we have sorted out to meet on wednesday the 8th Feb and thursday the 9th and do the filming on these two days hopfully completing the whole thing before the reading week. Soon as me and luke confimered the date i sent an email to gavin and booked in the equipment aswell as printed of a project realease form to be signed by Dean.

We all took a trip to search for locations however we decided for all interior location would use uni but for outside we would use broadstairs streets including a certain hill (cant remember the name) for the pushchair scene. After we finished the location wrekies we went into town to search in charity shops for a suit to be worned by luke the main character we was able to find a suit and we all chipped in to cover costs.

Next step will be to assign production roles, film, get dean to check script.

Script development and planning

The script is now coming along very nicely Luke and Danny have been doing the writing between them however we have all been posting in ideas and thoughts nho how to improve it continuing to make it better o each draft we have a piece we would be happy to submit however we do currently have two different ending’s.

Whilst writing the script we have been preparing for the actul filming sessions i have downloaded a list of equipment and wrote out a list of what we could possible need from this list also ic areted a character list and shooting schedual which luke has since re-written. I have taken on the role of producer trtying to make sure equipment and people are in order for the filming dates.

the list i wrote out is as follows:

2 JVC camera’s

1 Tripod

1 boom mic (long)

1 set of lighting Red heads

1 reflector

1 steady cam rig or close to that effects

This equipment should prepare us for inside shooting with lighting aswell as outside shooting on the go allowing for tracking shots aswell as static tripod shots. I have also contacted Gavin to ask how it is that i book out the equipment in advance so we have no problems closer to the time.

The next task is to finish the script, confirm dates for filming, book out equipment and get all props together.