Turner centre

Vistied the Turner centre today as you can see from the picture.

First task was to bring and object and come with three words.

My three words where:

1.Dangerous to represent my adrenaline filled youth mainly climbing and socializing with my friends/family in which i was the youngest and very fearless

2. Unique i class my youth as unique due to the fact my childhood was split into 2 the first half i lived up north was in trouble and very active the 2nd half living in Herne Bay more involved in education and technology

3. Exciting like all young people the youth was a time for exciting behavior.

After getting into group we was set a second task to create an individual story and a group story using the words and the turner center as inspiration.

My individual story was “Life for me as a child was interesting to say the least filled with many exciting times. Once when i was just 5 my brother and I decided to make a tree house armed with a hammer, nails and wood we set out. The park was just along the road from us so it wasn’t a journey and my brother was 13 so i was safe. Once at the park we found the biggest tree and started to hammer in a Ladder. As i was always was the climber of us two i headed up first and started to clear a space a branch was in the way so i held onto the one above and started to stamp hoping it would break. After 2-3 mins it still hadn’t broke then all of a sudden it drop and so did i 20Ft tot he floor and a hospital trip. Once out of hospital we finished the tree house and this kind of sums up my childhood a sequence of events often ending with pain but always finishing what i started”

Then we created a group story which i will update once i have my copy

Picture reference: “http://www.myfinepix.co.uk/gallery/420863/265244” by “Lianne Styles”


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