Computer definition

For my essay looked up in a online dictionary what “computer” actully means. Don’t know what i was looking for but need some inspriation and have to say was suprised.

A compoter is any “processor” that is able to accept data and preform logical and matmatical operations at high speed. this definiton then applys to hundred of gadgets around my house sitting from my spot and looking at the around the room i can see 12 items (3 of which are kids toys) that classify by that definition as “computers”


Time magazine article

Research for the manifesto has lead me to this article in Time Magazine,9171,2048299,00.html entitled 2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal. The article itself is amazing looking to the future and what might become posible mainly revolving around the idea of Singularity which has now become its own paragraph in my Manifesto. This article has lended a lot of inspriation for my manifesto and its one i will keep close by as although slightly unrealistic also fascinating.


Starting the research for this project is fairly easy to start with i used resource given to us in the brief two manifesto’s interested me the most the first The Mozilla Manifesto  and the Hacker Manifesto.

The first that stood out to me was  Mozilla as i am studying web design and there approach seams logical and promoting the idea that we are all apart of their company. Also following this manifesto the growth of the internet relies on the community to develop the web browser as they see fit to become great for everyone. This manifesto is also well written everything is written very formal and with clear intensions from the beginning.

The Hacker Manifesto however is a bit of a contrast less formal and more of page of opinions on society and preconceptions that people have. The first half of the Hacker manifesto comes across almost poetic using a simple line to break up each paragraph that is relevant and thought provoking. I also agree and can relate to a lot of what is said although I am not as anti government as this piece comes across i believe the message is valid.

This research was purely to get an idea of what a manifesto is and also to give me creative inspiration onto what i would like to write about in my manifesto. The feeling I got from reading these was I would like mine to be more like the “Hacker manifesto” a page of ideology in regards to the future of technology.

The next step in my research is start looking at manifesto’s, articles from newspapers, blogs, magazine etc. the talk about technology and its relation to people.