finished version

I finished a version that i was finialy happy with it has some minor issues however i belive its the best i will get by the deadline.

The video can be found here:

The piece has some strong point personaly i belive the opening is really good and the music fits well editing to the beat is effective and the content is relevent to subject matter and provides a great introduction. The text used in tutorial does not stand out as well as it should the aim was to keep it nuteral white to make it look clean and professional also there is not much white in shot so it should stick out a bit more however at times it doesnt work as well as it could. The text is quite often not on screen long enough we only get to read half of the sentence before it moves on this is mainly down to the time limit i was attempting to keep to under 1 min or at least as close as possible however i could have shaved some time of the intro but as i belive that was the best bit i didnt want to. Next time i would make the text appear with a slight transparant background in a blackish colour fade it in and out and hold the text on screen a lot longer.

I am overall happy with the piece if you pause the piece the tutorial is easy to follow clear and should help people learn to juggle which is the overall aim of the piece next time i might voice the tutorial over aswell rather than using text but i wanted to use after effects for this one as its a requirement of the brief.


Colour correction

I have finished a version that i am currently happy with and am attempting to make changes to colour to take the washed out look that it currently has.

This is a version that i have uploaded to youtube this has had colour correction to make the green stand out and give more viberence to the piece however whilst exsporting the piece becomes fragmented then a green screen appears at the end  i dont know why and am attempting to sort the problem.

The colour correction i belive adds a real nice feel to the piece the green is really vibernt however it does feel slightly unnatural however. I belive that it still adds to the piece overall and would feel better handing in this version if i am able to exsport correctly. if i am unable to exsport i will be forced to hand in the other non colour corrected piece i am baffeled about how to fix this problem however.

Intro and development

I have completed an intro for my piece this will go at the begining to lure people into watching the video can be found at

I like this intro i belive its got a good pace are some minor audio issues to be resolved but all in all its quite good the colour isnt great i would like a more deeper colour ot hte piece some higeher contrast and less burnout on the faces this is somthin to work on in colour correction. The small text scenes where fully created in after effects using a tutorial ichanged the tutorial slightly hoever as it used blues i used differenct colours greens and reds to provide a more circus feel.

This is a first draft however i will continue to make more adjustments to it but as a starting point i belive it is looking good. I will also figure out why the resolution isnt great this is somthin i will need to work on i belive its down to the exsport settings i will try exsporting using differnet pre sets and coustom settings.

This video: is the text screen transition that i would like to use i created this following a youtube tutorial however i made changes to the colour to suit my purpose as the tutorial made a kinda sci-fi look where as i wanted a more circus spotlight feel. i can not now find the tutorial however the piece was entirely created in after effects and i adjusted certain aspecxts of the tutorial to my needs such as colour, amount of wiggle and depth of field amount.

The process for this is simple and as such isnt too much to exsplain i filmed the footage with my partner after story boarding (find picutre below). I then imported into after effects and added text i tried to track the text into the shot however it looked odd so i took it off. I then editied the piece into the right order and to creative commons music i found on Soundcloud. Then i exsperimented with colour correction and added effects however simple has proven to be better than fancy FX i belive.


The main bulk of my research has been done through my practicing of the circus arts. I have been a circus Tutor for 4 years and been juggling for around 8 so through that time i have learnt a lot of tips and tricks that have helped me that i would like to pass on. The actuly teaching o juggling will be easy as i know how to do this allready i also have ideas for camera angles and setting however further reasearch is required hence this post.

The research i am carrying out is not how to juggle its more how successful online tutorials become successful what makes them reat compared to the other hundreds out there.

Video 1: 

This proberly is the highest viewed 3 ball juggling tutorial on youtube so i thought this would be a great place to start. The video is actully an extract from a DVD that can be brought online. The video its self is nothing spectacular no amazing FX fancy title screens or anything gimmicks so why has it got 400,000+ views? Its quite simple and comes down to three main reasons the first of which is its a great tutorial clear, easy to follow and presented simple the second reason its popular is its presenter (Jason Garfield) is classed one of the best jugglers in the world and has even appeared on major American TV shows thridly is that the video is produced by the WJF (world juggling federation)meaning again world class juggelars. I can take a lot of posatives from this i really like the short intro to get people watching and paying attension the montage of tricks give aspriation to the views and gives them a target. I also like the step by step motion taking it right down to basics these are both great points i wish to take forward with me however the piece comes across a little too dry and doesnt have a real enjoyable feel to it as it comes across to serious juggling should be fun so i will try to make it slightly more engaging. I also do not like the talking i belive written instructions can be more benefical as people can pause the video and see the sentence and not have to keep replaying it.

Video 2:

This video has reached 46,000 views and is another 3 ball juggling tutorial. This video however is considerably different in many ways its a amature production with writtenon screen instructions. This video has some great point to it its very clear and provides multiple angles in which to see how to juggle somthing i would again like to include. The on screen instructionsrelate to the visuals provideing a nice anchor to the images. The video quialty however is poor setting is also poor and comes across very amature also the typeface has no relevence plus it jumps straight into the tutorial no introduction These are points i would like to correct and get right in my piece.

New idea

I have dramaticly changed my idea and refocused what i would like to do.

I have come completly away from the original idea of stickman animation and decided that  i would prefare to do a short tutorial on how to juggle.

The idea came to me whilst teaching a friend to juggle there are plenty of video tutorials at the momeny very clear and well done however teaching is somthing i enjoy and i would really like to share this talent so using motion graphics and filming i am going to create a short video on how to juggle 3 juggling balls in a basic 3 ball cascade.

idea devlopment and drawings

This is the first face board i drew out showing all different emotions from shock to a waking up sequence which is spread out between 7 faces to give a natural feel. All the emotions shown are used in the story this was a test to check all the emotions could be shown and that i could draw them myself.











i was supposed to upload my digital character story boards to here however for some reason the versions i did on the computer are missing if i find will upload. Basicly what should have been here is 3 sets of character boards each with verious faces similar to those that are hand drawn also with a childlike cut out around each one these would be interchanged on the characters body saving me having to draw each one every frame. i had a collection of about 20 faces across three characters and was in the process of creating more.



These are my story boards for this original idea most of this is similar to the previous animation i did however i have made changes based on what i belive did and didnt work about my last piece.

This story board shows 6 shots the first a title seqence then cutting into animation with a birds eye view on a bed with a two in 1 shot showings a man and an ugly woman asleep then the waking animation is used here. The story boards then continue to show the rest of the action moving into the next scene located in the bar. The following pictures are of the rest of the story continueing the idea there is six boxes in each page with text underneath to exsplain the shot and any action taking place.








As you can see from these pictures i have planned out all the shots i belive i need aswell as ideas about angles which provides me with enough infomation to start getting locations shots. This story board process has been helpful and is allowing me to get a heads up on what it is i still need.


Starting research based upon my main idea which is the drink awareness idea.

To start my research i firsted looked at previous government campaigns used to tackle tough problems in the community. one that i have looked at that sums up the style in which i would like to recreate is: this is a famous government message warning kids to stay away from strangers it was later used as a prodigy sound clip for the bases of a full song. The 1980’s style animation which is very copy is how i would like mine to work however i would like to take it a step further and push it into the stick animation genre using very basic drawings that are animated on a photographic background recreating very real situations.

I carried on looking into old public service films and i came across a montage of many of the 1970 publication films: This video shows many of the films which now they are classed as scary and i would say insane! they show children and adults making the mistakes they don’t want you two one film shows about 8 kids getting killed on a farm in various ways this although taking it to far worked well into scaring kids and adults into learning what can go wrong in various situations. I would like to create the uncomfortable feeling created in these videos however i wish to make them more enjoyable up until that point so people get the shock value.

Newer adverts such as this one: use similar tactics first it sets a nice bar scene then hits you with a figure that bursts into a dramatic summary of what could happen to your life if you just have one drink to many. This advert i believe works well it targets people that are in need and then aims to change their mind about having one more drink. The pace is well worked the acting really sells it and lighting all works to create a very intimidating atmosphere then scares you into submission.

This advert aimed at drivers that are speeding in a 30 zone is particularly known for creating a uncomfortable feeling with a real hard hitting message. here is the advert . This advert creates a tension that i would hope to create making people feel as if they are response able however they still want to watch the video because they feel they have to.