Initial Research

I have now begun the research into the brief i plan to fulfill.

To start of my research i thought it was best to start with D&DA as they have the breif aswell as a 10 min video from 4 creative that exsplains more what they are after. this video can be found here:

I have found this video extremely helpful in giving me a heads up on where to look for research and how to approach this task in a professional and logical way.

Following on from this video i have decided to start my research into what 4 creative have previously done for channel 4 and other companies. I started with the 4creative website which is impressive its self opening with a flash animation of a hand drawn channel 4 logo bnut half missing. On the website i was able to find all the video libary in which many of the more 4 and E4 adverts where on found here:

These videos have all gien me an idea on how 4 creative approach adverts they are especialy different from the normal advertising companies creative unique and elegent ways of promoting. I was especialy impressed by an advet on that page called disarm britten a campaign to stop gun crime in the UK.

I have now also visited TV ARK a website dedicated to logging all TV idents and promo’s used on TVall of channel 4 idents and promo can be found here: I previously userd this website to research channel 4 for my college. I have began to look though these videos to see how more 4 and E4 was both launched this will give me an idea on how i can usee channel 4 conventions whilst still being unique and challenging in the chanlle 4 fashion.

This particular video: has given m,e the idea of using all the channel 4 channel logos to create a little character for each one in a short animation piece however this idea is to be developed later on.

I have gotten a libary of the current channel 4 channel logo’s simple for research however if i plan to use logo’s in my piece i will have to follow up to get ahold of bigger version and the right to use these images in my piece. (see pics below)

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