The Little things that matter!

Towards the end i was just chaning the little elements which made the style work. These are little elements which add up and just give it more of a professional look. Most of which was styling.


Here is a list of the little adjustment i was making towards the end…

  • Links to social media open in new tab
  • Colour of links match (There where slightly different Hex codes on some and where difficult to read)
  • Button size (had to ditch the gradient and replace with image sprite instead was harder than it sounds!)
  • drop shadow on container
  • style on blockquotes
  • padding and margins on the list pages so everything aligned
  • sizes of certain text mainly titles of threads
  • Spelling errors (Probably more left though)
  • comment background and shadow

There are more however this gets the points of the minor changes towards the end that where made for the better.



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