Slideshow and Blog posts

At this point i was happy with my site Homepage it displayed all the content i wished it to in a nice format and was pleasing to the eye with it being dynamic.


Another element which i thought i managed to make the most of Expressionengine with was the Slideshow. Originally i had planned just to have this as a hardcoded slideshow that would act as images to social links. I realized after the sidebar that i was able to make a dynamic Slideshow that the images and links would be created using the channels feature. The Client now would be able to upload the image with a link in the publish content section and it would put it out the the Slideshow which has a limit of 10 on it for styling purposes. This was a feature that once again would be user friendly for a client which i had in mind for this project.


Now the Homepage was in order i moved onto the linking pages i couldnt create any of the Navigation pages as all of these would require paid for plug ins or the full version of EE. The home page is very dynamic so i felt this fulfilled the breif as it was however i wanted a few extra to test out links and get the hang of EE even more. I started with the Blog posting page. This was simple enough to do i first went back into HTML and CSS version i had and created it in there played around with style and decided on a Blog banner image with the title etc. keeping the same theme but using a header image for it. This meant going back and changing the channel fields to have an image section. This was one of the biggest problems i encountered i had to wait till i could speak to Shelley we had been taught a way of uploading images so the resized for other uses and i as i need the image to crop down for the homepage i was unsure how to do it i played around and got most of it right but didnt know how to put the image into place. Once i spoke to Shelley we was able to fix this issue however and the banner image was easy to add in.


Whilst putting the Blog page together i realised there was an issue however the Page wasnt picking up the stylesheet so all was unstlyed. I realised that i hadnt used the {Site_URL} prefix for the CSS Stylesheet  this was a simple fix which took me some time to figure out however due to not knowing how the file structure worked within a FTP.


The page soon took form however and i was pleased with the outcome.


…more to come


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