Putting It into Expressionengine

Well after buying the domain name for my own personal website i decided to use this as my hosting space for this website until marked then i will begin work on my own site. I know have hosting and a domain name and have put across the website into Expressionengine. There where a lot of troubles along the way mainly due to having a break from web design then coming back to it and had forgotten a lot of what we learnt in Lectures however the EE documentation is astounding and was able to refresh my memory and once i had caught up i was able to not only put it into expression engine but improve my design a lot!

Ill recap from the begging my experiences with putting the site into EE.


The first challange was uploading expression engine and installing it to the FTP i have never actually hosted a live site other than on the Uni servers so no real experience of how the files work etc. I was able however to upload and install without much issues due to the Video tutorials and general know how. This was an interesting experience and gave me more insight for when i have a Client of my own to publish a site for. I also went through some extra parts for security like chaning the “admin.php” file name to “solsa.php” which stands for Sons Of Locust Super Admin these where little extra touches for the purpose of security.


EE now installed and ready to role i started by putting all my HTML into the index (which i made me home page) on the “News” template group. I then sliced up to content into embeds as taught to us during lectures. I started with the HTML header, navigation normal header, side bar and footer. This broke a lot of the content up and meant  i wouldn’t have to keep repeating myself remember DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself).


aside from a few minor hic ups mainly forgetting how to embed a template (found this out through EE documentation) was a silly mistake but weeks of not touching EE lead to me forgetting a few simple steps. Now i had a index page with embedded content.


Non of this yet was dynamic however and all images and content was hard coded into the page. The first thing i wanted to get working was the blog function the main content to the site. Using the EE documentation i was able to follow this through. I created a channel and channel fields for the blog then assigned them together created 2 status’s as i would need this for a feature post. This all came naturally and was fairly easy to implement. It wasnt long before i was able to go back into the template and replace the hard coded content with EE variables and the blog was working. The extra’s on the blog like catogories, post time and date plus author however where still not these where things i hadn’t learnt yet and thought i would come back to once my page was up and running smoothly.


There was some small designs error’s e.g. there was an element within each blog post that was an ID however i changed this to a class due to needing it more than once and it sorted my issues. I also tweaked the height on the banner as it wasnt quite fitting right.


I Then moved onto the sidebar….. TBC




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