Pagination, Categories, comments and more.

One thing i noticed on my homepage was that i had a limit of 3 posts once there was more the other’s would disappear. I decided i wanted these to be able to be viewed but not be on the homepage. I researched into it and found EE pagination this made it simple as copying the EE code into the template and it was as simple as that all it required was styling however i am a fan of these buttons being small and not taking over style wise so this was simple enough.


The Categories on the Blog posts where still not working so i decided it was time to sort this out i had already created categories but didn’t understand how to place them in dynamically  I was able to find this using the EE Documentation however (Man is that a life saver!) and it soon was functioning properly. I played around with these slightly however as at first they would post in a horizontal list which messed up the styling.


Once the categories issue was solved i moved onto the comments again on the blog posts the comments part was not working so first of all i sorted this. Once the comments bit on the banner was working i needed to add somewhere to post comments. Whilst at Uni i logged onto my comp we created the Fish Admin work on and copied the Comments form code across this saved a lot of time as it was already created and only needed updated links and styling. The comments where fairly east to put into place however i spent a lot of time trying to organise them to look professional and apart of the site at first they looked slapped on and didnt fit. With more styling i was able to sort this though. I also updated the links on the comment part of the Banner so it jumped to the comments part of the page.


Although i had placed the Posts into categories and linked them up the links took you know where so i created a Blog list template which could be used for the calendar as well which would display the blog posts in that categories or time depending on where you was looking at it from. The styling was a mix of the two pages and i played around with it however i was able just to steal code from other pages making this a relatively quick process. Updated the links and then these where working aswell.


…Still more to come!!


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