Overall Evaluation

My site is now Live at http://pbwebdesigns.co.uk and completely handed in.


This is a small eval from my perspective.


The website is easily my strongest design to date. I think the main reasons for this is change in approach to design mainly not being afraid to steal ideas from others and not being worried about originality. Also content and style that was used for this is something i look at daily anyway so i am already used to.


Strong elements-

  • Colour theme
  • layout
  • Typography (Kind of)
  • Social Buttons (Self created)
  • Strong use of dynamic content
  • Ease of use for Client

Weak elements-

  • Header Image (Which i created)
  • No Log in
  • Non of the Nav pages are created yet
  • Lack of Jqueary elements (could have used these for links to part of the page further down and maybe drop down menu)
  • Recent posts on post pages only show that post


Overall i am very please and look forward to the feedback i will recive there will be good and bad but i hope to take what i have learnt into the future to improve my design and Web capabilities. Expressionengine is somthing i am VERY glad we have learnt and i know will be my choice for CMS in the future. I will look at maybe fully creating this website in the future with Log in and Forums but for now it serves it purpose and i am happy with the outcome!


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