Deciding CMS and Site

I suddenly realised that i could choose to use a CMS other than Expressionengine. From the brief i didn’t think that other CMS’s where an option but after a second look i could choose to use WP or any CMS as long as Dynamic content was used in an effective manner.


I will however use expressionengine simply because it seams to be professional practice Local companies such as Tinderhouse and Red Carrot both use them within project so as i am aspiring to work with the likes of these companies it makes sense to use the same software to become familiar with them. I also have had past experience with WP and didn’t find it particularly comfortable to use although i only used plug ins and templates.


The website i will be working on however i have decided will be the Sons Of Locust one due to its wide use of Dynamic content coupled with the backing of Shelley. I will start to create an HTML and CSS based version as i find this easier to convert into expressionengine also this is the way we did it with the Fish site within Lectures.


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