Research and idea development

Starting the research for my work was hard as i have still not fully decided on which project to follow the portfilio website or the Clan website. I started to look at other web designers and company’s website as well as Clan website.

This was a Clan Website for “Dogs of War” instantly you can tell this is a website built on a CMS with a template. The navigation is small and the content is small and more like just a forums. This servs the purpose for the client however as they simply want something easy to maintain and it inst to advertise the Clan its simply a means of communication. You can see however a lot of use of Dynamic content user profiles, forums, Birthday Announcements, Calander


Clan website for UNU first of all WOW overwhelming Blue in your face! There are lots of link colours and things punching out at you but again use of dynamic content social links, blog type post etc. Clan website seam to all use similar CMS’s this one is using Enjin which is a WYSIWYG CMS where you can simply drag and drop modules onto a page and it instantly updates. The CMS is limiting in terms of Design and functionality plus very expensive in the long term.

This is a website by a Free Lance Website developer. The website is very pleasing to the eye good use of Typography, Colours, spacial awareness and headers etc. All that one could hope for from a Web designer I especially like the use of hand drawn elements. The thing i worries about however was the lack of Dynamic content that is used within The site. There are elements of Dynamic content mainly the RSS feed at the bottom for Twitter, Blog and  testimonials  but for the most part it is static content such as prices, information and images.

Red Carrot are a company who’s website i have looked at a few times due to having them attend a lecture for our benefit and as such is the first place i go to when researching into other Company’s. The website has also had a re design. Going with the times it currently is a good showcase of the “Flat design” using a few solid colour and flat content. Colours that change on each page within the head offer a nice touch plus the well layed out content is also well placed. The only Dynamic content that i really see on each page however is the Blog posts that run across the bottom which are also in my opinion too big. Great site but again re affirming the idea that portfilio websites don’t use Dynamic content to the fullest.


The current research points towards the Sons Of Locust website being the best option however i would love the chance to work on my portfolio website and build it into a site that i can use for the future.


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