Dynamic Webdesign Breif

The Dynamic Web Design brief is probably one of the most important parts with the current Wed Design Industry so nailing a good way to deal with Dynamic Website will be an interesting Challenge. This is a small break down of the brief with initial thoughts on ways to proceed from this point forward.


“Dynamic web pages can change their content based on what the user does, like clicking on some text or an image. If information stored in a database changes, the web page connected to the database changes accordingly and automatically without human intervention. ”

“a content management system (i.e. ExpressionEngine or WordPress as a CMS),”

Option 1 – Client Edit/Update Option

“ExpressionEngine is one of the best professional content management systems ”

“a solid understanding of using ExpressionEngine features such as template system, channel entries, RSS, and blog-like behaviour.”

“There are no restrictions placed on the content of your website.”

“Demonstrate proficiency in the use of a range of production techniques and creative processes”

“Apply critical awareness of the relationship between form and content in dynamic web design”

“Demonstrate developed ability to engage critically with theory relevant to web design and connect theory with practice and evaluate their own and others’ professional work in an objective manner”

  • Generate ideas in response to set briefs and / or as self-initiated activity, critically evaluating the ideas for suitability.


These Quotes from the Brief give a great idea of what is expected as well as leaving open room for us as students to interpret and take our own spin on it. The main point is that all Web design features should revolve around the idea of “Dynamic” content. Blog behaviors are interesting and the way this will work will help set our understanding of Web Design immensely!


Initial Ideas


The first idea i have had to to continue with my last website that i did for Web design as this was my portfolio web site that was able to show the more creative aspect of what i can do. The web site was also a step up from my previous designs and started to show real signs of being a professional Web Designer which has been a major worry of mine. The main issue of using my website was the content I cant see how much of it would fit into the Dynamic aspect. The portfolio part would work well due to the ever updating pieces of work that can be added to the website. However most of the other content would be static and wouldn’t be helpful for this project.


The second idea is one that runs along with my Other assignment Self Iniciated Project in which i am doing a HTML and CSS Mock up for the Web site i “Could have” built for the Sons Of Locust (www.sonsoflocust.com). The Website would be Heavily Dynamic and be a great example piece. I dont know how this website will turn out and due to not knowing how to produce Dynamic content how my ideas will fit in what we shall be taught.


I will continue to think about the ideas and try to build upon them as my HTML and CSS mock up of the Sons of Locust comes along i will get a better idea of how it will fit with it.




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