Regrouping after a time away

We broke up half way through working on the assignment to work on the individual projects for the Design Museum Breif. The time away was slightly annoying due to the timing however we have had our first lesson back and are straight back into Work.


The first lesson was simply a re-group and re-cap I was present along with Grant, Prince and Jenni. We talked through any changes in skillset or work approach and went through the ideas we had previously talked about including the Cube. Happy to continue with this we decided to create a schedule together. I also raised the issue of lack of commitment for certain members with creating the sides of the board as up to now i was the only one to complete this task.


This was a fresh start however we decided roles for each member put it down on a Word Doc. and sent out the whole group at the end of the lesson in order to start bringing the work together (Word Doc that was sent out Schedule). This stage is really important to the group dynamics and the final presentation.

I shall start to work on my sides of the Cube and await feedback from others.




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