As all the posts will not be read due to time i have complied a highlight post which will cover most of what i have done, Learnt, regret and general thoughts.


What i have actually done!

  • Been CEO of Waifs & Strays
  • Produced Board sides
  • Concept Development
  • Scheduling
  • Presentation Design
  • Group Organizing
  • Contact for Group


  • CEO isnt an easy job!
  • Group management can be hard work!
  • Group Dynamics are VERY important
  • I am good at presentation and selling a product
  • I am able to evaluate good and bad ideas and help develop them
  • I am able to make the most of People’s strengths

These points give a general feeling for how the project went and help understand what i have actually done and undertaken however they are only brief so here is a shortened timeline/ through train of the project.


From the start of the project the group Dynamics where off. It started with Me and Grant being thrown together and this was Fine Grant was a hard working person that is capable and helpful to the project and willing to follow. I was a person willing to throw big ideas out and control a group.


Jenni was a great addition as well as Dan both where able to put great ideas forward and where willing to contribute to the group with suggestions and general thoughts. Garvin and Prince where additions that i am sure are capable of doing great work but due to distance and lack of time with the group never really fitted in with the group no one knew exactly who there where what they did or how they fitted into the group. I should have as CEO stepped in been more forceful and brought the group together so this was a failing on my part one i wish to work on.


When we where told to re think of a concept Dan and Jenni really came into there own both very different but helpful aswell. Jenni provided a creative old world type of thought which fitted in nicely with Broadstairs Folk Week and Dan provide a modern logical approach. I was able to latch onto this and try to play of these strengths i also like Dan think Logically so every crazy idea we had i simply said “How will we manage that?” and if we didn’t know i would brain storm ideas on how it would be possible what are the strong points and what hits our demographic the most!


The concept Development and Concept its self where the best part of the pitch unforuntly to the group dynamics and lack of effort the final product couldn’t fulfill the great concept and defiantly sold its short in the end. The presentation looks professional and the concept more than keeps to the brief and would generally make a great idea but it needs more planning and refinement this feels like the star of a project not the final product.


In the end there are a lot of regrets and postative moments within the Work. I now feel confident in myself as a Leader as well as be strengths in the role the main challenge for me has been the group issues and my approach to them. I believe i was professional all the way through looking for solutions where needed and addressing issues despite the stigma attached to confronting a fellow student. I think with the removal of 2 members the group would have been stronger as we would have not relied on the other members as well as the group would have formed a closer and more creative bond.






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