Presentation Work and absense

After the long haul of getting the Board’s up to scratch we are able to continue onto the next stage of development which will be the presentation.


Within Class we discussed the Presentation and came to an arrangement that i would start the first draft of the presentation that would be the main content then pass it onto others for the “Design” element. I created a version that gave our piece some structure and was able to be passed onto Jenni who volunteered to put the design element onto the work.


Jenni did a great job producing a re drafted version of the Presentation and i was able to see how my structure enabled her to get it to this stage. It was probably one of the best moments of a “Team”  element we have had as a group.

I also informed the group that i would be unable to attended the official presentation Date due to a Family Emergency. I passed on all the files and information to Jenni and Dan who would take over and finish the presentation themselves. I kept in close contact with Jenni to keep up to date and help out where needed mainly with feedback on the presentation drafts. Dan and Jenni also met up in Uni to discuss ideas and put the final Video produced by Dan into the Piece.


I will re present the work on my own to Kate for the final Grade however i am happy that i was able to help with the pre-production and Presentation i trust that Dan, Grant and Jenni will all do a great job with the final presentation.







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