Group issues and resolutions

After sending out the schedule and talking with members within the group before we broke up for 4 Weeks we are still in countering issues with certain members.


The day before the first draft of the Board side should be sent to me i have sent out an email asking for all of the group to fulfill the deadline’s set as a reminder. The next day i recived no work at all this meant that unfortuntly i could not send out the sides of the board for feedback. I followed this up by sending out an official email giving all members that where due to hand in work a final chance to do so or they could be removed from the Group. Grant was quick to reply with a great piece of work and an apology which i was very happy to see Grant has been a solid member all the way through and continues to show commitment and enthusiasm in the developmental and creative process. To cover the loss of work i asked Grant to produce an extra side of the Cube and i also took on an extra side along with the Cards for the Game of Pairs.


I received no replies for this email from Garvin or Prince for quite some time. Garvin eventually replied saying he had been having troubles with his Email and passed me on a Phone number to contact him on.   I was eventually able to contact Garvin who still was unsure on what he was supposed to be doing and generally unaware of event he concept despite being in the lesson where we re-capped the work as a group. Prince Emailed me the day before we returned to class with an apology and a quick mock up of his side of the board which Grant had already completed in the time of Prince’s absence. Prince’s work was also an example of something that was clearly rushed and not to the standard required from any design professional. I decided to speak to Kate about these issues as i have been following the guidelines for professorially practice i had previously given them a verbal warning and then a written warning through email the next step would be dismisal however with only 1 week until the deadline it would be unfair to shut them out. I have decided to not use there work for the final piece unless it improves a great deal but they will remain in the group and submit there work to Kate for marking so they do not fail.


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