Final Boards + Quick recap

I decided to compile the Board work into 1 Post to save on space ease of reading.


Below is a gallery of all the final Boards with the creators of each one. The colour Theme was taking from the Broadstiars Folk Week 2012 and inspried by this aswell. All pieces where created with the size and applicability in mind. I have also put in the two images of the Cube in WestWood Cross which i made for the presentation the Photos where taken by my for this aswell as Google images and open source images where not aviliable for this one. I have however missed out the Card images i made for the work as they are a TIFF format which WP does not allow my to upload.


The images where great and overall linked in theme and style. There where many drafts of each withe feedback inspiring new ideas and changes to each one including very subtle colour changes along the way and shadows etc.


The metal boarder on 2 images was an idea of what it would look like on a presentation board which was how we think it could actually be produced in life size.



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