SOL Alternate Web Design

I decided to make an alternate Web site for SOL as the current one was limited in terms of design it stuck very much to the Clan web site. I started to look at other Clan websites and the CMS’s that they used most of which where the same either Enjin, WordPress or Vbulltin which are fine but many use the same template and look similar. I created my website with Expression Engine in mind its easy to use and very open to customization.

I started by using the SOL current colour theme of Red adding it in to use for links and graphics. The header was custom made for the website with a new style that was more modern it also helped set the pace for the website. The background for the body was a Carbon fiber effect that gives a nice gritty feel. The typeface was a popular lightweight font that i thought was a nice clean look to it however this was one of the comments that the Client said would want to be changed.

The production of the Website took around 2 weeks from conception to completion and is highly adaptable for actually live production.

I presented the Website to the client and asked for him to give me feedback so i could improve on it. These where his comments-

“Evening Peter

Thank you for your prompt response to our need for a new working website. It follows the brief accurately and we are happy with the majority of the changes, there are a few areas which could require some further work which are are noted below. If you could get back to us with your thoughts on the proposed changes, and the practicality of putting it into practice that would be much appreciated.

The new header looks great, although for the main ‘Sons of Locust’ text I’d rather have a look at some other fonts/designs if possible, although the surrounding design looks great.

The general layout of the site looks well and the social media icons throughout are much better, although again I’d like to have a look at some other fonts, which I don’t feel look quite as good in their current state as they did prior to your changes.

As a final point, I actually liked the previous site background you had put in place and wonder if it would be possible to put that back? I feel the site now lacks that creative punch that it did previously, and although simplicity sometimes works, I liked the ‘busy’ look that the old background provided.

Its worth mentioning that we are very happy with the actual body of the site and feel it is an improvement to what we had previously.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts in regards to the things mentioned above.


I agree with multiple points and was actually fairly happy with the response surprised to that it was prefared however. I thought that the Client would be stubborn and would prefare  his original website. The website background on my website i liked more however the client liked the one on his current website which i originally produced for him.


The typography was a comment he made and although i have submitted the current version i have made a few changes including the typography.





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