Part 4 Summary Most improtant Post!

Part 4 Summary!

This post is simply to give a summary of my thoguhts of it plus a list of what i have learnt and would change etc.

The biggest part of the assignment has been what i have learnt! I took on a massive job and was able to come out of its fairly happy with the production but on reflection there is a lot that could be done differently too.

List of learning outcomes-

  • Sony Vegas SoftWare
  • Working to the limitations of a Client
  • Client nagotations
  • Creating EE websites
  • After Effects software!
  • Social media use
  • Content means nothing its about the marketing 😦
  • Activity in online is needed!
  • Dont try to advertise a dead game!
  • Recording Game footage
  • Format type’s and compression for Video

This list enables you to get a quick glance at what i have learnt but doest truly give justice to the process and time this project has truly taken up. The little things likes talking with the Client and making Tweets start to take up a lot of time overall and takes time away from the important design elements. The biggest learning for me was Social media (Mainly as i have no personal twitter or Facebook account) so learning how to use and make the most of these was hard work.

Working with a Client is also hard due to the different ideas. I was VERY restricted in terms of design as i wasnt able to create a whole new design as it would be TOO different from the Status Quo. I did however manage to produce a Alternate website which i was very happy with that conformed to the “Typical Clan website” and to my own design needs.

After effects was also a massive learning curve i hadnt used it before except in the first year and the projects i previously did didnt use any of the elements i used this time really. however i was able to produce a real profesional intro in which i recived many comments on Youtube and from the Clan about.

Although a Web Design student creating websites with EE in mind i hadnt really done yet as we have only just been introduced to the CMS however i took this on board and applied it to my Webdesign for the SOL clan



I think overall The project outcome was a success the Clan has recived  hightened online activity on there website plus more than tripled the Video views and subscribers on Youtube. Twitter is up and running with a steady amount of follower’s. Most of all the Client is VERY happy commenting many times on the work produced. The clan is becoming more self suffeciant Money wise and from having 1-2 teams we now have 4 teams up and running in a game that only sold 1/3 the aount of coppies of its previous version.

I would like to go back and use twitter more effectivly i have only just realised the value of Tweeting well respected Gamers and developers to comment about them it gains more views and more followers than simply tweeting about the activity of the Clan.

I would also like to go back and impliment the Website design i have created as i think its a better more custum website not so generic.



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