Part 3 Marketing & Social Media Important

Part 3 Marketing & Social Media

Part 3 of the the recap is about the Marketing stratergy i have taken on aswell as the social media which combine really.

The SOL clan had no real name and where fairly unkown except within the league they competed within. Part of my breif was to reach a wider audience and bring new people to the attension of the SOL clan. The ways i did this where youtube, Twitter and Forum’s. This would also be the marketing of the Clan aswell with the stratergy being create content and be active in the social media then people will begin to follow. It is a slow and on going process however i have now set up the start of Clan’s online presense and it will continue to grow with time.

Twitter is a relativly new Social playform that is widely known and is used internationaly. It provides a free and easy platform to communicate with masses of people at one time also with mobile support enables people to access new info from there mobile Phones. SOL did not have a Twitter account so i created one and managed it for the duration of my project. I gained 40 followers made over 100+ tweets and followed 100+ relevent people. This was a big part of the marketing stratergy through gaining a following on twitter i am able to release a video and tweet it out gaining extra views quickly also linking people back to the SOL website for tournements etc. It also had been used to anounce up coming games as a reminder for the team members.

I have allready talked about the Youtube side so i will skip most of this however this was a big part of the Marketing for every important video created i would follow up by tweeting this out using popular related #tags then also create topis within the Official Gears of War Forum (Below is an image of created topics and views of those topics). I also combined with a Youtuber with 600 followers to work on a dual commentary plus he joined the Clan and started to produce content for the clan also.

I would have been entering the WGL Video spotlight and video of the week comp however due to the Client wishes not to be accociated with The League after leaving to create his own i was unable to do as i originaly wished. I belive if i had used this media form i would have been able to gain a higher following and  tap into another group of individuals. I was however able to agree tieing SOL media in with The RLG (ReZpect League Gaming) realease. The RLG was a new League being released. This meant we used the SOL account to create videos premoting the RLG and the RLG to premote the SOL account. We also ran a tournement through the RLG with over 32 Teams in which SOL members helped organise so we where able to tap into that audience aswell. This although was not physical producing anything was all to promote the two sites. The tieing in with the release of the RLG has worked a little however the RLG is only in early stages once the RLG starts to take of more the link will be even more helpful and enable the Clan to gain a bigger following.

The work i have done has gained a bigger following without a dout however a lot of the Marketing will come more into place with time.





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