Recap Part 2 Youtube important post

Part 2 Youtube!

Youtube was a big part of the Clients needs. An online presence to not only help for recruiting but chances of sponsorship and gathering a strong following. Coming into the start the SOL Youtube had 14 followers and around 700 video views most of which where from the 2 recruitment video’s. The Client also requested a short Video intro to be created to be used before every video one that advertised the Clan.

I started with the Video Intro as all video’s after would need this at the beginning. I have made a post on the process of the video. The main issue for this video was my utter ignorance of After Effects. This would be the piece of work which was most out of my comfort zone. I study Web Design however i was able to use Video Tutorials and create a very decent Video Intro which i and the Client was Extreamly proud of! i have even gone on to make one for the ReZpect League Gaming as a result.

The SOL Youtube also had a horrible background image with a weird layout choice so i made a new image for the background one that tied in with the SOL website then chose a new layout that suited the Clan’s needs more.

I made a plan of videos to make however along the way this simply changed to the needs of the client and current games they where playing. The actual creation of videos was fairly easy as the majority are simply recorded game play with minimal editing. I was however able to make a few “Primary” videos that where to be the most exciting. I used Social media and a current trend to create a Harlem Shake video this currently has 700+ views which on its own is more than the Clan had before my help This was one of the biggest successes in my mind for the Clan and gain multiple subscribers.

The other video which was a more challenging editing process was the Gears of War 3 Montage which although views wise wasn’t the most successful was probably the favorite within the Clan and also required the most knowledge of editing and pacing. The video did also throw up some interesting challenges mainly because Premire Pro CS6 had a Bug meaning i wasn’t able to edit the File Type the recorder spat out. So i had to use a program i had not previously used “Sony Vegas Pro” which in my mind is horrible and i hope to NEVER use again!

Another video which was easy to make but i thought might help for views was a simple Damage test video. When GOW:J was released there where lots of people complaining about certain weapons so using split screen i created a quick video to show the level of damage each weapon caused from different lengths. This was relativly successful as its read about 350 views plus on the EPIC forums gather a lot of comments subscribers also went up as this was released.

I will do a final summary recap to cover exactly what i have learnt plus the success and failures.


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