The Viral Plan

The majority of the work i will be doing for the Clan is fairly easy to do without a lot of creative aspects. There are some within Video Editing and motion graphics but the majority is just a lot of labour.

The important part of the assignment is how i use Social media and advertise the Clan itself. This post is to cover my aims and ambitions for what i will need to complete.

I first of all want to start building the content for the SOL Youtube account. I have asked the Leader SOL DecimateZ to start producing videos with the SOL intro i have created and start to get them on there. This is the step one Saturation of the market by having a LOT of Gears of War Content we should start to see views increase and activity increase aswell due to the hits from things such as Google or Youtube. Also there is no point advertising without having some content in place as people will see no evidence to back up our claims and advertising.

The Second step is starting to use the likes of Twitter to gather a following and a new place to publish the Videos to get them out there. To get a bigger following i aim to follow as many Game industry  and Gears industry people as possible then Retweet and target the Trending topics. Then active updates on the clan and videos mixed in aswell.

I also plan on entering the Better videos into the WGL competation’s Spotloight sunday and Top 5 Play’s this should increae the number of views as it publishs to another community.

Once we have got a bit of content going and regular views i want to put an thread on the EPIC Forums to advertise ourself’s as an active and friendly Clan thats releasing regular content reasching yet another community thats entirely based around the main Game of the Clan.

I will be producing 1 or 2 videos that relate to Halo, Crysis 3 and Awsomenauts. Each of these videos will then get posted into the forums for the game themself’s these videos are entirely to get a new audience and reach people who play other games also with Crysis 3 and Halo being big right now the views for these videos has the capability of reaching a much higher figure.

The last and important step is to create the Turtle Beach Headset set up tutorial and review in order to get the Higher numbers with the aim of people viewing this video might then subscribe or view other SOL Video’s

The Marketing is important and the order of the steps are to in order to gain a following and improve the SOL publicity in a game that is virtualy Dead is a hard challange however with the up coming release of Gears Of War Judgement this should rise the views and interest of Gears Of War.


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