Problem arising with the Viral advertising

I have run into a small issue with the advertising. TheWGL who i was planning on advertising to and was sure would help get me a bigger following, The Leader of SOL has now asked me not to due to him setting up a rivial Gaming League. In my oppion this is a mistake i would personaly still use theWGL to advertise however i will follow the Clients Needs.

I have decided to try and realease content and link it in with this New league as a Dual release as the Website get up and running and gains its own following i will tap into this and use realeases across both channels and tweet each other etc.

We also have a new member to the Clan who is actuly does his own Youtube videos and has his own following plus helps for another Youtube clan. I have asked him and he is willing to produce a few videos for us link us in on his channel and try to help us on this front. This will be a massive help and we plan on doing a couple of dual commentary’s in which we put them on both channels.

So it was a slight issue but i have adapted and tried to make it work as best as possible. The new method could be just as good and should gain us more and more of a following.


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