Evaluation and thoughts

Now the final piece is finished and i dont my critique i can see improvements and different ideas.

The final piece i think does need some work for one the tablet saize ratio is a little off i would like to change how big some of the colums are. One thing that was suggested was typography i admit my typography knowledge is non exsitent so this is somthing in the future i will work on and i hope to continue this piece if i do  i will be changing the font as well as header sizes. The website also loads a little slow i put this down to two things one the dreamweaver roll over image i used this puts script at the top of the page aswell as the bootstrap docs which i did not cut down. also the website is fairly image heavey. However it still loads alright and work well.

I think it fits the breif although i started to stray from retro and sketch but still remained close enough for it to be classes as those although its now moved into the pattern idea aswell. The website now needs a few changes and the rest of the pages to be made but overall the piece is my best work to date and i am happy with it.


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