Website work

I have made a lot of the changes i originaly wanted to do on the website this post is a round up of all of these changes to help keep the infomation confined to one post.

Website Changes:

  • The amount and order of navigation and pages (I have re did the whole layout for the website making the website more streamline user friendly aswell as making the homepage more welcoming to new users)
  • Background image (one fo the key aspects of the website was to have a unique background image that could show the games SOL play aswell as be visualy interesting for users)
  • Images for slide show (on the homepage i needed 4 individual images to show the different SOL media stations like Twitch TV, Youtube etc.)
  • Page Layout (I wanted to make the page layout more standardized before there where coloums on different pages and it was confusing i kept it to coloum to the right main content on left.)
  • Advertising (Ad’s are now on all pages a banner at the top below the nav and a box to the right. I personaly am not a fan of this but the client wishes it to be this way as needs to make it more self dependent)
  • Youtube background image (The Youtube page needed a new background as it was pretty shocking this is prep work before i release any videos on it i need to make it more profesional looking.)
  • Invite system implemented(I found a new way of inviting and running events its much more simple for users and the client to manage aswell.)


Original Website:

Images to be uploaded…


New Website:

Images to be uploaded…





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