Beauty Retouch progression

The Beauty Retouch was an idea i originaly had i was going to do a piece that would be a family piece including my son and other half however i decided to do a beauty piece on my other half. I have some images from a photoshoot she did a few years back.

Whilst doing research i came across an artist which focused on work that wasnt about sex appeal i decided to do somthing similar. The main thing i noticed in the image was the colour there was heavy editing and layers over the top to show warmth and feeling. The first i had to do was remove the background the image had akward hair however using refine edge was important and it gave me a better understanding of it as previously i had struggled with it. I then started on one of the two important aspects of the image the “retouch” using tutorials mainly from Surreal PSD i removed blemishes added empashis on eye’s lips and eybrows. To do this it was mainly spot healing tool, surface blur, adjustment layers, color balance, hue and sat and then noise etc. I attempted at adding make up however this didnt turn out as well as i would like also the more natural look about her was more pleasing than a over the top edit. The piece was fairly good i could see soft skin and a model like pose the hair was a little off there was a bit sticking out however i thought i would edit this out once on a background so i could see what it looked like. I then found multiple background stocks which i compiled online i choose a poppy field at first however it didnt feel right so i dumped that and went for a different field.

The background image was good but the sky was too dark and dingey so i replaced the sky with a new image this took a few tried as verious skys didnt fit well however i ended up finding one that felt right after i adjusted teh color balance. I blended the sky in with the background image so it felt natural. Once this was achived and i was happy witht he background image and the model i started to try and bring the two together first i rezied the model to get her fitting right although i still am unsure wether she is too big but i think it feels right atm. I then needed to make it as if she was neeling in the grass i did this by dublicating the background image and cutting a “footer” that i could lay over the top of the model image it made it look as if some of the foliage was in front of her. I liked this it was simple but worked well i touched up the cut out a little here and there but it was suprisingly simple. I then started on blurring the background and foreground image i wanted to create a very shallow depth of field liked seen in other research. using adujestment layers, gussian blur and the greident tool i was able to get the effect i wanted however this did take time to get just right.

I decided at this point i was fairly happy with the piece so i could start the colour changes and gobal effects. I merged layers then exsperiments using diffrent colour and soft light layer modes. I mainly stuck to the colour golden, browns and yellows i then painted them in where i thought was best. I used a golden colour across the grass as it helped bring a real puncy colour to it then darkened the sky whilst lightening the model to make her stand above the rest. This part was proberly the hardest to try and keep the balance right not overdo or underdo any element was a tricky challange however i am confident witht he piece and happy with the outcome of it.








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