New York Canvas Print

The new york canvas peice was meant original going to be a surreal landscape piece however after seeing a new york wall art in a shopping store i decided to try and do somthing similar.

I found one of the hardest parts about this piece was stock searching i needed an image that could be used A3 size and not look to pixelated. I compiled all the stock images in my pinetrest and deviant art. I started with an image dublicated it desaturated the bottom one then used hue and sat to create an interesting key colour. With adjustment layers i brought key colours forward to see how the image would work. I found it worked well overall but i would like to bring in an element to break up the picture and give it depth like i had seen in other images. I found stock of a road sign i cut this out placed it into the scene use the same method as before to adjust the colours also increased the saturation to make it really punch. This was a process that although is relativily simple is hard to get a really good balance so i played around with other methods of editing colour like curves and overlay’s. I also tried to add in another image of a building on the left hand side of the sign however it felt to disjointed and did not fit well the original imaged worked well so i decided to stick with it.

At this point there was a building in the background that seams very bland i decided to try and make it a little grungy by adding a moss image over the top of it chainging to overlay and adujusting it so it was only on the building with a low opecity. I then turned my focus onto a single person which i thought might stand out i wanted to remove him however a removal would was to big of a job with the surrounding enviroment so tryed to put an image over the top to hide him and simply remove the last portion of him. I tried this with a Brittish Phone Box however as this is a new york piece it really did stand out to much but i couldnt find anything else that would work well plus the person was only a minor detraction because he reminded me of someone i knew. I discarded the phone box idea after spending quite a bit of time trying to get it to fit.

The peice seamed good at this point and i was happy to put the final touches on it. I merged the layers applyed a unshapen mask on a layer above with the opecity brought down so it showed through to a respective level. I then added a global color change to it so it fitted well using adjustments-colour this gave a tone across this peice that fitted. The main part of the piece that makes it really stand out was the unsharpen mask but getting the right setting took a lot of offort. Lastly i added in some noise to give texture and did another unshapen mask as i thought it helped certain elements feel really modern and punchy. All the images below where taken at different stages of the process i am sure there where more however these are the Key points.


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