Action Poster Progress post

The Action poster was somthing i knew i wanted to do really. I love films and love the action B movie style think its awsome with a real astetic style to it. When i started i did my research and focused mainly on planet terror as well as Bitch Slap. I wanted to do somthing similar where you could tell what it was trying to acheive. This piece would be a composit piece with lots of details.

I started by creating a back drop for the models and added immagery to sit on. I wanted a desert where i could put exsploding cars heli copters or anything like that with nothing to detract. I found some great stock which can be seen in my collections the backdrop i knew would work instantly and would be perfect for the style i wanted to get. I was thinking of just having one dominated actress however through imagery and the book covere lecture i started on the charlie’s angles idea instead having two back to back and a third crouched low in a “action” pose. I found the stock cut them out refined edge’s, did beauty retouch on them etc then placed them into the composit i tried other stocks however these seamed to be sharp the right size and for the most part when i wanted. I then set out adding in other elements i knew i wanted an old car on fire or exsploding i came across an old rusty car which fitted well so i placed that in then found fire stock i got a stock which was a car on fire cut out the first with multiply layer mode then placed brush out and in certain area’s to fit my car this fitted amazingly well and was my fav part i added in some colour overlay to make it punch a little more.

I carried on adding in other element i wanted to put a sort of abandoned shack in the background managed to find one so used it with a girl in front digging a whole with some dirt besides here. The main part of this was cutting out and finding good stock however at this point i was firly happy and did not want to clutter the scene any more. I started to add in fire highlights into the area on the actresses  and elements. These helped everything seam to fit aswell and not look so unnatural.

I then also added in shadows onto  models and cars etc. which also placed things into the scene a little better. Once i was happy i mergered layers added a vinyet aswell as a unsharp mask to pull it together. I then moved this into another document to start work on titleing and a paper look. I followed a tutorial on how to creat a planet terror poster to add a paper overlay and make the piece look printed out i then found paper tear brushes and used these to tear the edges and two stripes across the piece for titles. I used bitch slap and planet terror as refrence of laying out the text. I posed these on deviant art and asked for critical feedback Dean suggested ditching the font and look into the text a little more. I did go back and look at it and instead of a quote at the top changed this to actresses names which fitted a lot better however the font to me hand this B Movie look as if it is layer styles and DaFont which is what i actuly wanted and looking at Bitch slap posters is very similar. The text was somthing i worked on for a while because i wanted a certain style i did use layer styles for that purpose and fond really cheesy over the top text aswell.

This piece took me a lot of effort and time however i think it really paid off. It has a B Movie feel a lot of elements and some complex colour tones and paper work on it. I hope it pays off there are certain elements i would change such as the models the left one and right seam a little amature to me looking at it also i would spend more time enhancing the lighting on the models as it is currently a little basic. The images below are all taken from different stages and all though a lot of the elements are skipped over in the images it gives a general sense of how it progressed.(not in order by the way)



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