Margate Sketch break down and progression

As i do not like stopping and starting work to make Blog posts i am containing all the progression into a recap post for each peice.

This one is for the “Margate Sketch”

My initial idea was to do a surreal landscape digital painting. I however found Digital painting extreamly difficult and struggled to produce the most simple images. I decided to take a image i have previously seen or taken then draw over it. I found a image online i then drew over it with a tablet to see how to form lines and an image. I then tried to add colour and do different elemnts. I found this to be more my style the lines where easily defined and everything seamed logical. See the progression of images below:

street over sketch1withoutBG street over sketch1 with colourstreet over sketch1withoutBGstreet over sketch1withBG

I decided i wanted to carry this idea on but in a more techincal way applying it to a “Real” image. I went downto Margate seafront took some images that i thought might be intresting then started to draw 2px soft lines around elements of the picture. This was extreamly time consuming and my first piece took 4 hours just to do the main building out lines and a little detail. I carried on however as i personaly found it relaxing and the time flew by. I got to a point where i looked at the piece and could see it provided a unique style that i liked and would like to do but even better. At this point Dean showed me a very simple techique that made me want to kill him! simply holding down shift make a dot then make another it drew a straight line for you -.- . I took this new tool and re stared the whole piece. It sped up the time it took dramaticly and also made it more graphic art as before it looked more child like.

I carried on with this idea working on it for many hours then i started to add colour i would do this by sampling a colour and doing block colour on eac section. This was effective but also very time consuming and left so edges bleeding over so again looked childish Dean suggested creating an outline of the piece i wanted to colour then filling it with a block colour i took this idea but i prefared using a pen tool to go around the black lines then filling with a sampled colour. I prefared this method to Deans as it meant the sections coulf be more detailed aswell but still keep block colour this again sped up time to creating the piece.

Once i had a kind of finished piece for the building i started on the Sea and Sky. The sky i made a simple block colour of blue. For the Sea i did one block colour then me and Dean thought it would be good to draw around highlights and dark part of the sea using two different layers then fill with different colour to show the detail. This worked really well i then uploaded to DA and asked for feedback from the community. I however have no following on DA but i passed it onto Dean and asked for feedback. The only thing he suggested was to simple add a gradient to the sky i did this aswell as the sea as i thought it helped with that to. I am now fully happy although i will run it past Dean one last time on my last lecture. (progress pictures below)



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