Holiday and progress

Before the christmas holiday we had one more lesson Kate was not in however so it was up to us if we wanted to come in. As CEO it was my job to arrange this however due to internet issues and forgetfulness on my part i sent the email askign everyone in till a  little late 2 days before the lessons i belive. Ont the day i was unabelt ot make it aswell due to unforseen circumstances. I sent an email aplogising for not being able to make it and asked the people who did turn up to carry on as normal.


Dan and Jenni where however the only two that did turn up they did a great job however and was able to produce some great ideas and word doc for the rest of us to catch up on also to pass onto Kate as requested. The document they sent to me i then passed onto the group for everyone to see. Dan and Jennie had looked at the concepts come up with some ideas and put together a plan of action of what needed to be done. We also decided through email that we all needed each other phone numbers and Blogs to keep up to date with each other. As CEO i sent out an email with the plan of action for the hoilday and what needed to be done also a recap of the ideas etc. The email sent set work for the holiday and requested all members to send a reply with blgos and phone numbers.


“Hi all


After speaking to Dan about the meeting
that went on Wednesday i wanted to email to the whole group to get work in
progress so we can start producing some work. We know know our concepts and
have been given the OK to start on designs and models etc.


First of all i have attached the notes from
the meeting on wednesday it looks like Dan and Jenni really thought about this
and created some great ideas it also gives us a great place to start working
towards now aswell. If everyone could read through the document it will really
help your enderstanding of what we are doing and what we need.


We have got to the stage wherewe can
produce a digital version of the Pop Up tent. As said in the word doc we are
each going to produce a photoshop image for each side there are 6 sides and 6
people obviously so this works out great. I will nominate people to work on
different sides.


i should also add i reas the doc and i
fully support the ideas put across in it they are creative and interesting my
only concern is the punch and judy one i dont belive having kids undressing and
dressing up would work obviously for child saftey but a puppet show idea would
be a great idea instead? also we could include puppet versions of clarence the
dragon and the hobby horse.


Moving on here are the sides i am
nominating to each person (i will give you the title please read the word doc
for more details and idea’s on it):


Dan- Punch and Judy inside


Jenni- Music Board inside


Peter- Clarance the Dragon Puzzle


Grant- Music Board outside


Garvin- Punch and Judy outside


Prince- Giant Mirror idea “float like
a butterfly, stomp like a giant.”


(please email if you are unhappy with this
arrangement i can arrange it differently but need to know ASAP)

We need to set a date to have these
complete by i would suggest for the time we come back that way we should in
therory have our first digital mock up ready when we get back.


I also iam going to request ALL member
email me to confirm:

1: they got this message

2: they are happy with there assignment i.e
the job they have and what they need to do

3: they wish to continue in the group and
be an active and participating member

I just want to make sure we are all putting
effort in so its not just one or two doing the majority.


I also would like to ask all member’s to
include there phone number (so we can contact each other if we cant make a
lesson or meeting etc.) aswell as a link to there blog. Once i have all these i
will email them to everyone so we each have contact details aswell as the blog
to see each individuals ideas and research etc.


Sorry for the essay this was meant to be
sent out last night but internet keeps failing on me (DAM SKY!).


I hope this finds you all well and we are
all happy to continue.

Peter Brewster”


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