Coming back to uni

It is now the 4th and i have sent another email to the group as the last only got two reply’s. I have given the group the entire holiday to reply and let me know everything is ok however i only got 2 emails both Dan and Jenni sent great emails with everything i asked however i recived no others.

The latest email i have sent is to everyone asking them all to complete the task previously set by myself aswell as responed with if they intend to stay in the group and contribute aswell as blogs and phone numbers. I have also said people who do not responde might be removed from the group as it unfair on others that do work hard to have to work for them aswell. I do hope all reply as the group is made up of very creative individuals and i hope its a case of it was the holiday and people where taking a break.

Grant Replied the next day to say he had been working on other assignments hewill have bits done for lessons plus his blog and phone number. This was great to recive and eased my worry however still 2 remaining with any luck they shall responde.

If i have not had a reply by the lesson we come back i shall speak to the individuals if they have completed the task for the holiday and just nto replied i shall not be to worried however if they have not responded and not produced work i will have to remove people.



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