Colour theme and idea changes

I am tweaking my idea to fit a new purpose for the website. Whilst putting together my wireframes i decided to venture outside the “film” idea as it did not fit the style i was wanting to do. The style is more graphic design/ web design playfulness. As this would make a nice showcase for work i decided to work on this as a personal portfilio peice or portfilio website.

The new aim of the website is to showcase myself as a Web Design Company I have drew up a wireframe for the 960 grid which i think looks profesional and is somthing i would like to start codeing (see wireframe below). I do not feel a need to draw more wireframes as i allready have the idea and layout i also tell how the piece might work using a framework like bootstrap. I have also carried out research into other web design company websites.


I looked at red carrot because of previous lecture with the company i looked at how they presented previous work they had done. The layout for the “case study” is somthing that i really enjoy its a great way to show work and show the creative process behind it aswell. I would like to take this onto a more personal and in depth level though touching on the inspriation and creative process rather than just the software and Technology used.

The Red Carrot homepage also has a interesting feature a image that fills the screen as a great opening intrest it draws people in and allows them to get a feel for the piece straight away. I have actuly done this on my wireframe and know that Bootstrap have a feature that is built with JS called carousel ( In my wireframe i took a screen shot of this and used it as an example piece.

was a company high up the google list that provides web design (even though there website isnt great) the have a service page to show what it is they provide the only thing i disagree on is they do not exspand on what it is they do they simply put a header with a small caption (also there images and text do not align he he). There take on about page is interesting and use the same approach many do images of each person with a quirky quote and a nice little image that displays random infomation such as how many cups of tea they drink per month.

This website is has there portfilio similar to how i would like mine. a image with caption and a little info that is a link to take them to the website although i would like it to take to a case stufy similar to Red Carrot.

I looked at more aswell some good and some bad they have all given me ideas but i have noticed 1 problem with all of them really and that is they are corporate no real feeling of personailty the onyl page for any that have personailty are the about pages. I would like mine to be me in a nut shell to show a unique and creative approach as that is what we are creatives.

I have been working on colour pallets and shades of colour (picutres below)


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