I am in fear of repeating myself however i decided i should dedicate a post to simply putting my final piece in context.

The final piece is meant to reflect two issues that effect all of our modern soceity. The first issue is NHS privatization which is what the current govement would like to pass however the previous perposal was voted against by a small margin in the last vote. The second issue is Tesco and its Globliazation and general domination of the Market. Tesco is a house hold brand and is unarguably one of the biggest supermarkets in the UK. Tesco started as selling simple food and nessaccary items however over time have over taken many area’s from TV and electrical good to Toy’s and Insurence.

The piece i have created is meant to be seen as if it was a real Tesco add it should be able to be put up and looked at carefuly. The message does not shout at you like other mash ups however its more elegant than that it lures you into a false sense of security by appearing as a Tesco ad but has a darker meaning. The Idea of Tesco being in control of our heart transplant’s is scary as we know them as a supermarket for budget brands and that is how they represent them selfs. The NHS issue is also scary the idea that if the NHS wanted to still not charge for its services it would need to take on sponser’s or donator’s even though Tesco are unlikely to be that personit would still need a buissness and finical figure to support it. The Idea of Tesco sponsering the NHS is a little outlandish however it makes the point that NHS would in effect have to prostitute themselfs to affoard the costs.



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