Final Changes and attempt plus thoughts

I have finaly finished my idea for the Mash up

I decided to try both the street with Tesco everywhere aswell as the NHS privatation idea.

The Street idea i started took a image on the lower margate high street then photoshoped the tesco logo to replace the name of thes shops i did this to quite a few shops(which you can see below) however deicded it wasnt working half way through. The image was just coming across like a childs project and the message was just lost. I did like the original message however i dont think it was aparticularly great way of showing it.

I moved onto photoshoping an Tesco Add to change the message of it. I took the original poster seen below then changed it into a Heart transplant advert. This shows the message effectivly and looks realistic to you could poster this around and people would have to take a second look in order to realise it was realistic. The message about the NHS selling out and having to take on sponsership comes across and leaves a lot to talk about. I look forward to anazlising this further and discussing the current issues that effect us all.




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