Sketch Idea developed

My Idea has change dramaticly since my last post. I have actuly changed over to the idea of sketch layout this mean i can use the previous shown example of my work to create a unique style for a website. I have picked a colour theme that reminds me of the 80’s dramatic colour theme which can be found here ( This website will still be used to show infomation about “Classic films” but not famous ones simply films that are known for a unique sense of style (in cinematography or sounds lights etc.).

I have begun sketching out wireframes on photoshop just trying to get a feel for how the site would look aswell as possible layouts. The gallery below shows 2 of my inital ideas for a 960 wirefram they are playing with the use of color. Also the layout is fairly simple. The second idea has a fixed navigation to the left with a drop down menu for the extra links.


(posible image player:


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