Concept development

Today we have been taking our concepts and developing ideas for each of them.

Our current concepts are:

 Concept 1:
Come and Play
Come and Play is our concept behind an idea we have had to create a 4
 sided pop up giant activity boad. The object will be placed in public
 areas of kids and adults alike to “Come and Play”
Concept 2:
Blank Canvas
 Blank Canvas gave us an idea to take the creative fun of Folk week to the
 kids. The Idea is to create a workshop that can be taken into a school
 environment the kids would then create an interesting and Folk related
 item to keep this would inspire them to be creative in a Folk way.

We all drew out pictures of what we thought these ideas might look like. My two ideas where for “Come and play” developing the idea of a pop up activity board with possibly a side for music instruments, a white borad and tile puzzle game with the broadstairs folk week logo on it. Dan had an idea aswell for a side with infomation such as events and lessons avilable in a sort of game where they order them into most and least favorite. jenni also brought up the idea of going inside of the boards with different acitivties.

The second concept was harder to come up with ideas initaly. My personal idea was a “Band in a box” where we would take around schools a box that would contain versious meterials that would make recycled instruments that we would then run a music workshop working on a folk Song. I like the band in a box idea however it doesnt exactly relate back to folk week an over amount. Other ideas included giant Folk Pictionary, cheredes and a creative travel box.


This session has helped up generate ideas and possibly develop the concept onto a practicl level. All members where there and activily enaged and i have now set up a pintrest board for all member to add to. 



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