Client and User Response

These are the feedback comments i have had from people in the clan aswell as the client:


Client’s first response to inital changes-

Really good job Pete. Off first glance everything looks and feels much better mate, I like it. :)



Please change the colour of the font on the Youtube section of the animated banner” (In this he is refering to the homepage slide show this actuly can not be done however i will be resizing the images so this is not an issue)



Hey Pete I like the new lay out seems a lot cleaner but the backround picture is a little bit annoying for me, makes the site feel a bit disjointed.” (This was after the first background image i also agreed with this and i changed the background image accordingly)


Liam Goldie-

new layout is fine although there is two things that a really annoying:

Background – remove the SOL logo, yes its the clan website but the logo ruins the gears background.

Banner – Add the SOL logo to the banner and freshing it up abit.” (again the background image was the inital one which was changed. The banner is also currently being designed)



Good job pete, assigning the chat box its own page was a good idea it looks great


These are the inital response and the client has sent me a message with a summary of what he likes and dislikes etc for feedback which i will look at and see if i can make changes based on this.




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