Canvas Print

I have changed one of the ideas i was having before


i was oringianly planning on doing a vexel piece of work however i didnt enjoy the tutorials i did also it was  a little out of my comfort zone i am not confident i could produce a good piece of work. The new style i am looking at producing is these mass produced New York canvas print that use photomanipulation to create cavas print that incorperate all different elements of new york then color them to create a great feature for interior house design. I noticed these print in verious shops and each time i see them at first i wow then realise that i could also produce this level of work and mabye do it better.


I am to produce a A3 piece that replecates the New York Canvas print style i will also get this printed and actuly use it for my own home after.
I will need to start research i will creat a Pin it art board for stock imagery aswell as a deviant art file. I will also get a artboard of previous work by other people in this same style as a reference.


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